Ticket – Nine Muses

Nine Muses returned with Drama just weeks ago. But let’s go back into our time machine and look back some of their past hits. Further than 2013. Maybe back to 2012 when they released Ticket. This was a song that gained the girls some popularity in the industry, but it was not until 2013 when the girls released Dolls, Wild, Gun and Glue, that they became big names and a rising team. Interesting fact, this is the one song that got me to into Nine Muses. And I am probably going to tell you how in the review.

This song is really catchy. Who hasn’t heard the world ticket and started to sing this song either out loud (if you are brave enough) or in your head (to avoid being judge)? “Ticket One Way. Ticket One Way. One Way One Way One Way Ticket“. This song has a really retro sound to it. I can’t pinpoint which era it came from, but it does sound like something that came from the past. Maybe 70s? Despite that, I really enjoyed the instrumental. I love the rapping in this song. It is sad to not see both the rappers now, since they have left the band, but the rappers here (Eunji and Sera) sounded really amazing and powerful. Likewise, the vocals were pretty strong as well. The song itself describes the feelings the girls have about their emotions and likens their love to a one way ticket.

The music video was a little to the boring side. I remember watching it back then when it came out and not look back once at it. We see a man buy a ticket from the ticket booth, where the attendant seems to have some other thought. As he baords the train, we see the girls look up at him and they also seemed to be travelling on the train themselves. Some come late while the others come early. This music video for some reason reminds me of that movie where the lead actor is revisited by the lovers of the past. This music video may have been based off that. We see him cry when he realizes he can’t come back (?) and the girl who comes late walks off disappointed. Yeah, not entirely sure about the plot of the video. I loved the eerie train yard they are in and the darkness gives it that more creepy feel to it. But as I said, there really much happening this video. There is really no interaction between the girls and the guy to prove my plot. That being said, this music video can be interpreted anyway.

The dance was hella catchy. I think we probably all tried this dance at least once. I just love the main dance with the spinning arms (I think they are made to look like train conductors or something along the lines of that), but I also love the dancing at the end. It gives more life to the dance and shows off the girl’s moves.

One of the catchiest Nine Muse’s songs ever released and something that gives me a lot memories to. 8.5/10

4 thoughts on “Ticket – Nine Muses

  1. Bitching song, but ya know… There are new videos out there! From other idols!
    Especially npnp by soya ft.kk
    Reveiw those


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