NPNP – Soya x KK

This is the first time that I am reviewing both of these artists and they have come together for a collaboration. Now you, like me (probably) have no freaking idea about these two artists. Well, Soya is the female counterpart of this collab and she is the niece of Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook (who is also formerly a part of Turbo and a singer himself). She debut back in 2010 and I think she is known for her collaboration with Mighty Mouth for their amazing song Tok Tok. She has done past OST and have also featured on numerous other Mighty Mouth songs. KK is the male counterpart of this collab and he is very hard to find online. I did dig up a piece of information where he actually collabed with Wassup and I think the song title is “Boys Be…” (fast and Faster). This may be his debut song (not entirely sure).

This song is quite lively and to me, channels the same feeling as Some did when it was released last year.  I am going to be honest, I don’t like the rapper. He does not sound that suitable for this style of song where it is like similar to the cutesy and lovingly concept. However, I do think about their voices go well together. Soya has a really nice and sweet voice. After reading the description box of the music video, I found out that the song has “strong rhythm” but “soft instruments sounds that do not harmonize together”. Yes, I actually thought the two blended quite well together and did not actually think of it until I read it.  The one complaint that I have is that is lacks the appeal to me. Yes, it does “channel” feelings to me, but it is not a song that I would go back to. It really does not have a hook for me and I don’t think it is one that I would replay. However, this might be a nice song to listen to when you’re feeling down. There is just something about the sweet vocals. Also for the title, NPNP stands for My Side, My Husband (in Korean of course). As for the lyrics, I really don’t see the conflicting side between the lovers (as said in the description box) which kind of annoys me. Overall, a cute song that really does not have anything pulling me to it to listen to it again.

As for the music video, it was boring. The stop motion effect was good and all. The feel of the video suits the nature of the song and all. But it was boring to watch. I like the different sizes of the characters in the music video. And I think the music video is trying to push to the funny side a bit with the effects they put it in. It is okay, just I can watch this video with a straight face. I have to say, the colouring of the video is very dull (like the pale yellow background) and that kind of got me yawning. The effects changed it up for me and I guess without those extra pictures, the video would have been something I skipped. And if you need to give someone a test to find out they love you, I’d be a little concern. But I know that was just for the video.

I am not expecting a crazy dance routine for this song. And we just got that. It is a very simple choreography which matches with the song. I just think no dance routine would have a better effect for this song. Like the two can act cute and stuff just fine. If the company just got the two to act cute together on stage, it would have been fine as well.

OMG, such a long review. Overall, cute collaboration between the two. Just nothing that I would go back for. 5.5/10

3 thoughts on “NPNP – Soya x KK

  1. Thank you for doing this!


    The video was good it reminded me of nothing on you by b.o.b and the rap did take 80% of the song it was like “some” because of the dynamic but it was special and had a nice ending.
    far from boring.


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