Beautiful – KXIS ft. Sane

Sorry guys! It has been since the start of the week since I last wrote a review. Well to be honest, I released a review on the 22nd, but I haven’t written any reviews since early last week. I have been pretty busy in the last few days. Uni has started for me, so I was running around for orientation and on top of that, Lunar New Year was also last week, which took away a large chunk of my week. I am back now to review new songs, such as KXIS (formerly known as Jeesu from DMTN). Now I don’t know if DMTN is still around anymore, particularly after Daniel’s drug case last year (or the year before). There are pages that claims they have disbanded, but others says they are still together.

This song is pretty catchy and pretty good. I am not a fan of the rapping however. Sane is good and all, just this song really did not feel like a song that she should have featured in. His rapping part felt very disconnected from the whole song. While, I did not like Sane’s rap. I also did not like Jeesu’s voice. Not that I hate it or anything, it just got to me at certain parts. It just got annoying at some parts. As for the song, it was really catchy, especially the chorus. His voice does that thing to you when you listen to it. It is also quite funny how Koreans get something in English, such as “A+” and change it to how they would say it, which comes out like “A-plur”. Yeah, it cracked me up.

What is with the music video. I am not a fan of that grainy look. Besides that, I actually find this video okay. Okay, minus the choice of the girl. Hara is beautiful and all. I am just not a big fan of her. But anyway, I like how they tried to mimick the look of a one shot video which was pretty good and worked out pretty well. Something that annoyed me was the lip syncing. It was pretty off. Especially those pre-recorded parts. I liked the use of the room and the TV though. I like the backdrop of that club like building. It was pretty small, but it did a good job of containing the music video. But beside the grainy look of the video, this music video was alright.

This song sounds pretty bad live. I know that artists need to choose whether to focus on the dance or singing. This however, he goes into different phase throughout the song. Parts with those high notes, he does not sing and then he sings other parts. It is pretty obvious when he alternates. I like how they skipped Sane’s rap part and added a bit of a dance sequence into, which does not freaking fit the song. But overall, it is safe to see that he can dance and the dance as a whole (minus the extra dance break) was pretty good.

I apologise for the crappy way I expressed myself in this review. Usually I write a review in one day (that way I sound more fluent and it flows). This review was written over a course of 3-4 days so it seems choppy and jaggered at some parts. But overall, it was a pretty solid debut that needs a bit of tweaking. 6.5/10

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