I Am A Woman Too – Minah (Girl’s Day)

Girl’s Day has promised a comeback for us around June. Originally it was meant to be mid April, but due to the member’s solo activities, they decided to postpone the comeback. While members are busy with hosting gigs, photo-shoots, commercial and dramas, Minah made her solo debut on the stage with I Am A Woman Too. She made her solo debut mid March. Something interesting about this promotion of the song though is that usually there are large showcases that many artists do to promote their song. Minah, promoted her new solo single on the streets of Seoul, in areas to which she has had strong attachments to. These areas turn out to be places that Minah sang at prior to her debut with Girl’s Day.  This is actually becoming a trend with many new groups. This allows them to connect on a more “ground” level with fans. Hehehehe… I had to.

At first this song seemed lacking and really did not appeal to me at all. It had the power vocals that we associate with Minah, but it lacked a lot to me. But after listening to it a couple more times, the song warmed up on me quite well. Though I still think the song could have been better. The song has no “drop”. It just sounds really monotone and disappointing at first. It is a song that I would play again and again, but it’s nothing to put on repeat for. I guess the only timed it change was when Minah started belting out her vocals for “I love love love you” parts towards the end of the song. The instrumental was okay and the vocals were like usual for Minah. The song talks about how she is a girl and wants to be loved. I thought the lyrics were quite nice while looking over the English translations.

This music video was okay. Boring maybe. Did not wow me so much. It was a much more serious comeback in my point of view than compared to Darling and Something. I am used to seeing a Bubbly Minah not Serious Minah. Nevertheless, it seems like the music video had some thought to it. When she sings about time, there are clocks in the music video and her face looks like it was frozen in time. I like the abandoned nature of the set, but it just looks so like a set. Not exactly sure why she was in a glass box. It kind of looked really wrong to see her in a glass box seductively trying to get our attention. I get the song, but that part kind of throws me off a bit. The big bear was tragic to be honest. It needs some love. So why don’t we give love to Minah (to get her happy again) and the bear (so it looks more like a bear and not a rag)?

The dance was pretty cool. I liked the start with it matching the instrumental. The song doesn’t necessary yell out “BODY WAVES” but the body waves are quite nice. She does these hip thrusts, which people are calling slutty. Wow. Like for serious. So many male KPOP dances have thrusts and fans call it hot, but when one lady does it, it is slutty? Please elaborate. I liked it. The dance was classy and so were the clothes she was wearing. I actually like the oversized jumper. It made me guess every time if she is wearing any shorts.  -hides from all fangirls and fanboys-

Overall, the comeback was good. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. 6.5/10

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