I Need You – BTS

Moving along with more reviews now. I just had a whole list of them, but because I have been skipping so many scheduled days, I just had to dump them all. Just for your information, BTS’s new song was not a part of that list. But there were so many songs and comebacks that I thought that I need to review, but sadly can’t. Don’t know why I am going on about this now. BTS. Yes, The group that we know of is finally back with a brand new song. Their comeback, known for their songs and amazing choreography, has wowed the viewers once again and have finally been nominated and claiming the number 1 spot on the weekly music shows. Congratulations!

Also congrats on such an amazing song. I don’t think that there is anything bad about this song. I genuinely enjoyed the song from start to end without being distracted by odd vocals or irrelvant parts of the song that could have been left out. The one thing that I did notice about this song was that it was much different compared to their past songs. Their past songs were more focused on the beat and the dance. This is a song that displays their rapping and vocals to an emotional standard. It mirrors a dance style ballad in a way and that is basically why I like this song. It is something that is different but at the same time, works really well if their image. As I said their vocals and rapping were focused more on the emotional side this time around. BTS’s rappers tend to be hardcore and fast paced, but with this song, the rapping was slowed and made to match the slow and dark nature of the song. The chorus and verses were good and the instrumental gave the song that more electronic feel, and ties the song together quite nicely.

The music video was released as two versions. The “normal” version which was rated as 15+ and the 19+ version. I prefer the 19+ version. And no, there is no sex (though I think some fans wouldn’t have minded). It was just the way the boy’s characters in the music video dealt with heartbreak was pretty extreme and pretty sure no on would want youngsters to “copy” or mimic them. There is more of a plot line and it makes senses rather than the heavily edited 15+ version which left chunks out. I have to say, that scene with Taeyung killing the dude was quite full on and graphic. Not too graphic, but nothing that I am sure Korea would want people to see at dinner time. Their acting in this music video was very captivating. It got me asking questions and I actually see a whole future for the band in acting. The one thing did tick me off, but Suga (Did I get the right member? Or is it J-Hope? Apologises if I got it wrong) drowsed the whole mattress in gasoline. So why was everything around the mattress burning and not the mattress? Kind of got me there. But the 19+ version was really nice to watch. Not in that way, but it was very intriguing.

Did I say the song was a ballad like song? That doesn’t mean there was a dance. It was definitely toned down but I thought the dance was still pretty nice. It still had the BTS feel to it and matched the vocals, rapping and beat of the song. Yeah, not going to lie, but the body waves were really good. Caught me by surprised, but it is the one part of the dance that I remember.

BTS should keep this style. It is a fresh look on the boy groups that many expect abs and full on crazy dances that could leave them with broken bones and twisted ankles. Though I still love the dance centred BTS that we all know of. 10/10

Below are the two versions! Which did you like more? (Just a retrial of the poll system. Also haven’t done a poll in a long time!!!)

15+ version

19+ Version

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