Bae Bae – Big Bang

As per my last review, I told you that I would have this review out sometime this weekend. That means I have an hour and a half to get this review done. If I post this up before 12:00 am AEST (1 hour and a half), then I successfully completed my mission. If not, I failed and really should try to push to do these reviews a little earlier. This is part two of Big Bang’s first comeback of the year. Apparently these are just teasers to what really is coming up next month (which is going to be the fan’s main course). The other song they came back with was Loser.

I don’t want to rant about what I said last review regarding Daesung, but I think I don’t have anything else to say about this song. While it was fun and “different”, I found it a little boring to sit through. The song is short, which is a disappointment, but I don’t want to think about extending this song into a 3 minute + song. We got a very different feel from the band, something that I don’t think they ever have gone for. The vocals and the rapping were just find, it just lacked a lot of appeal and I am very disappointed for that. Once again, I feel the song is Taeyang orientated, but I have already discussed that, but it seems like only Taeyang in the song got the promotion he deserve (but that can only be seen more clearly during the live stages). Even almighty G-Dragon and TOP got shut out this time. I also despise of the word “bae”. So the title gave me shivers. It is like “Yolo”. Just no.

As for the music video, whoever wrote “TOP’s sexual awakening” deserves a freaking gold star. Every time I see this video, all I can think of is TOP, his eyes and his unlikely behaviour in this music video. It kind of got me nervous and scared when I first watched it. Each member is a little crazy in this video. G_Dragon went a little crazy over breasts. Tayeang went crazy with his hair (it has to go). TOP went crazy as the Mad Hatter (his part reminds me of the Mad Hatter). Daesung was too lonely (and probably sex). And I think entirely Seungri got crazy over finding a partner (he was the one with nothing, but hands over his chest. Fake hands to be precise). Overall, I was okay with the video. Surely more could have happened for it to be something that I would rank high. The ending scenes were nice, but that just confirms the crazy nature of the music video.

As for the dance, there really is not much of it during the solo parts (unless you consider the prancing of TOP as a dance). The ending when they all sing together had a dance that kind of gave it that “different” feel. I am for some reason glad, that Big Bang embraced this side for the stage. But dance at the end was so so as well.

I think I did a good job for less than 10 minutes. LOL. Don’t know why I was begin so dramatic at the start. Sorry for that. As for this song, music video and dance, I think I am going to give it a 6/10. Music video and song could have a little more appealing.

As for the question I put out last time, which was you favourite Big Bang song for this promotions?

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