Summer-gic – Kara

It has been a while since I have reviewed a Japanese song. And with Kara’s recent return to the Japanese Pop music scene, I guess it is only right if I review their song. I also believe this is the first Japanese song from Kara that I am reviewing. There will always be a first time. Let’s not hope it is the last. Kara, as well know, is a widely popular Korean group that have cemented and is quite well known in Japan for their songs.

I like this song quite a lot. It is a summery and fresh song. It also feels like a genuine JPOP song that really does not exaggerate cuteness or sexiness. I feel like Youngji is finally fitting into the songs more and more, with more lines (not the one or two odd lines, like in Mamma Mia). Actually, all the girls sound amazing in this song and I am not disappointed at all. Even Hara, who I consider to not be a strong vocalist, actually has managed to do a really good job with this song. The instrumental was bubbly and fitting for the current season (up there in the Northern Hemisphere at least). I love the “du du du” parts of the song and thought it was very cute. And besides that, there really is not much to say about this song.

The music video was like a typical Japanese Pop music video. It is very weird to see them act cute, mainly because Mamma Mia was more on the sexy side. The bunny was cool and all, but the video made little sense to me. The bunny was one of the girl’s boyfriend, but originally the bunny was an actually living bunny. So magic trick gone wrong I guess? And then she proceeds to show off with to the girls that she has a lover and wouldn’t that evoke jealousy and sad feelings, rather than happy and (what was Gyuri doing?). Plot wise, not 100% sure. But the video was shot really well and I enjoyed it. It was bright and fresh. It matched the song quite a lot.

The dance fitted well with the song. At first I thought it was lazy, but then I thought back and actually liked it. The “du du du” parts were cool and also that beat dropper sound and its accompanying dance (1:56 of the video). Very technical terms here.

Sorry for the really crappy review. Writing this at an awful time and really busy this weekend (I’ll try to get more reviews out though). But one review is better than none. Once again, I feel like Kara has conquered Japan with their new song. 9/10


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