Mirror – MBLAQ

After two members announced that they were leaving the popular boy group, MBLAQ last year, the band faced disbandment rumours. However it is safe to say that the band is going strong as they have returned as a trio this time around. Yeah, so if you haven’t heard of it yet, Thunder (now known as Cheondung) and Lee Joon both left MBLAQ after their contracts finished at the end of the year. Before departing, they did release an album of some sort or had a concert. Now Mir, Seungho and G.O make up the MBLAQ group as a trio and still getting supporting from the former members.

We know MBLAQ for their dance associated songs, but this is the first time they were coming back with a ballad. And it is pretty boring to listen to. I listened to it once and never went back to it. It just didn’t hook me on or appeal to me to get me to continue listening. The song is predominately sung by Seungho and G.O, while Mir got a small rapping part. And he too looked kind of bored on stage while performing this song. The vocals were good, but sadly they were not as outstanding like their previous songs. I feel like MBLAQ constricted itself into one corner for this comeback and they haven’t been able to move out of that one corner. I did like G.O’s vocals though in the song. When I first heard the song, I didn’t watch the video so I didn’t know who sang what part. G.O managed to fool me into believing that there was a fourth member and somehow I missed it all. But yeah, just the three members who changed their delivery up for certain parts. But yeah, boring song.

Music video was equally boring. It was dull and lacked anything that I would want to happen in a music video. I know there have been many K-ballad music videos that have done an amazing job and compared to them, this video isn’t worth mentioning. We open them up driving, then running. But for what? For a girl? And even for a girl, those extra scenes wouldn’t help with my understanding. The dance set was extremely lazy. The concept of the doors were a nice touch to the video, but for the rest, I would have expected something more.

There is a dance and it is a ballad. Usually don’t like dances with ballads, but I guess this is what is keeping MBLAQ with their dance group image. Honestly, I felt like the dance could have been removed and nothing would happen.

Overall, it was a boring comeback. I understand that it would be hard for just three guys to dance a choreography especially to their previous single’s extent, but I am sure they could have figured out a way. Sorry if this review was harsh. These were just my honest opinions on it. 1/10

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