Choco Chip Cookies – Goo Hara (Kara) ft. Giriboy

Summer comebacks keep on coming and they keep on getting announced. Gu Hara who is a popular member of the group Kara was confirmed to make her solo debut a few months back and finally has dropped the new song this month. Kara was quite busy in the last few months, due to their comeback with Cupid. So when  I heard that she was going to debut just a matter of weeks after their promotional cycle finished, I was shocked. Why don’t these people get some time to rest? But then again, many fans (and guys) are probably thankful for this. Hehehehe…

Not a big fan of Hara. I never see why she stood out beside the fact that she has a nice body. And many people have acknowledge that she isn’t the best member at singing or rapping. However it is still a pretty big feat if you are that someone but manage to pull off a solo song by yourself. I personally think this song suits Hara’s capability of being a singer. It is not a complex song that needs high notes and all those ad-libs to make it sound cool. But I have to be honest, I did find this song rather ordinary. I liked it, but it doesn’t have much going on within it. Giriboy’s rapping was pretty good and accompanied Hara’s vocals pretty well. But the rest really didn’t wow me. Maybe I am so use to powerful vocals and all, but this did sound rather flat and dull.

As for the music video, I thought it was rather boring. I have to be very honest here, but that dude looked pretty nice (physique wise). The chemistry between the two was pretty good. At least they were not awkward with each other, because that would be a video with disaster written all over it. It is very Summery video and colourful. But beside that, there really was not much going on. The couple flirted and acted cute/sexy around each other. And that is all. There was nothing else to talk about. Yeah, I am very disappointed about that. Maybe I am being hypocritical with myself, but those scenes where she is just singing and staring into the camera. Yeah, they look fake. I know the video would more boring, but honestly, I cringed during those scenes.

As for the dance, that dude is back again. Hahaha… I just remember watching one of the performances and there wasn’t much screaming for Hara. However as soon as the dude stepped out, the fan girls started their reign.  The dance was boring. There really wasn’t anything to eye boggle about. It does fit in with her image and reflects the sexy summer comeback that many did expect from her.

Overall, it was okay. Could have been loads better. 4.5/10

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