Cushion – SONAMOO

SONAMOO is back with their first comeback, Cushion. They debuted at the very end of the year (last year) with Deja Vu and followed up with Just Go, another track for their debut mini album. From their Wikipedia page, it seems like they had their own reality TV show in 2015. But beside that. I personally have not been hearing anything from the band , beside the fact that they have officially came back with Cushion.

SONAMOO debuted with a hip hop styled track which was did okay on charts. While their debut song was a lot darker and more suited for the colder season, Cushion is too a hip hop themed song, but better suited for the Summer. I personally think this is a great song. It is quite catchy and addictive to listen to. I have one issue though. I did some research and it turns out they were singing “He’s like a cushion”, while 100% of the times I have heard the song (and it has been quite a lot of times), I hear “It’s like cushion”. So it may have blew my mind but at the same time confused the living soul out of me. I really enjoy the rapping bit afterwards the chorus each time. I thought that was probably the most addictive part of the song. I felt like their vocal work and rapping was improved quite a bit since their debut. I feel like they are quite comfortable with their voices.  The ending was probably the best ending to a song for a very long time. I am very impressed.

As for the music video, there is a very big mismatch with the whole video. The song has hip hop vibe to it and sounds like a “powerful women” style song. So why are there scenes in the video of the girls acting more like cute girls. There is nothing wrong with it, I just feel it doesn’t fit the video that well. Beside that, there really is not much to comment on. Beside the fact how cringe-worthy the video was (with their acting) and how the set looks like it was used somewhere else and just bought by the company. Like seriously? What happened to good old uniqueness to give your artists a little recognition.  I am glad for the amount of cushion in the video. But cushion fighting? You were singing about him being soft like a cushion, but you ended up killing them cushions. Yikes.

The dance has that hip hop and sexy vibe throughout it. I enjoyed it. I thought that rap sequence after the chorus was pretty unique. The chorus dance was quite nice and fits in with the song.

Overall, the song was nice and dance was cool. Music video could have been a little bit better. 7/10


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