Ah Choo – Lovelyz

Lovelyz’s new song is great. While they have gone down that cute route once again, they managed to put in more of a upbeat and fun flavour into their song. While the song does sound a little desperate, as if the people who made the song were running out of ideas, the girls managed to sound cute but yet keep that strong feel that they have going in the song. It is definitely a strong type of song and I did not expect it from a group of girls who is singing about love and sneezing. I completely adore the instrumental. The electronic sounds match really well the girl’s vocals. The song is catchy. My one concern is that the song is kind of typical. Ah Choo brings back those awkward titles of the past and the song just sounds like a KPOP song. Their might be a little Japanese influence in the song, but it sounds predominately KPOP. If they don’t start exploring, I feel like this band could easily be forgotten. For now, they sound great but if they continue repeating themselves and become typical, then there won’t be anything to say about it. But anyway, the song is great and very bright.

The music video is by the same people who have made the infamous Up and Down video for EXID and many Orange Caramel videos. And it is quite cute. This is the first time we have seen Jisoo perform with the girls, making the total number of members 8. And I cannot tell any difference. Hahaha… Was trying to say that in a way that does not pass off as an insult. But honestly, Jisoo fits in quite well throughout the video and their chemistry together is amazing. The hide and seek theme was quite nice as well. I am not liking the dull and pale colours that the video has throughout, but I am digging the sets and their dance set in this video. I also like the close-ups. They don’t focus on the face but instead the different parts of the face. That circle, while I thought it would be annoying in the video gave a lot of perspective. For some odd reason I expected noses in this video, and yet no noses. Not going to act disappointed because that is rather weird.

The dance was mediocre are best. The sneezing was great and they were in sync. But there was nothing that made me go wow about them. It isn’t such a catchy dance in my opinion unlike Candy Jelly Love which I liked the dance for nowadays.

Overall, the song and video were great. Not so much on the dance. 7/10


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