4 Walls – F(x)

It has been a long wait, but the girls are back. With their unique and interesting concepts and stages, F(x) has returned with an EDM based title track and a smashing album that is something that you all should be listening to. After the withdrawal of Sulli, the girls have relaunched as a 4 member group and are currently promoting their new album.

I love this song. I am addicted to this song. Someone get me help, because the songs this month are just slaying me one by one.Everything about the song is perfection for me. Every single aspect does wondrous things in my head. Let’s start off with the instrumental. When I first heard the EDM concept, I thought it would be like a more heavier track like T-ara’s Sugar Free, but instead it had a much softer sound. A lot of EDM tracks don’t go the right way with me, but this one had a pleasant sound to it and did not hurt my ears. Thanks friends and parties. As for the vocals and rap, I thought they sounded great. They did need to make their vocals a lot softer to fit in with the track, but they managed to keep their own colour and style. The song is pretty unique and it (at the moment) is a one of a kind in the industry.

The music video is really artsy fartsy as people might say. It was very confusing to watch it but I think that was the intention. They start off in their house or apartment and they seem to start off their day as usual. I really like it how pretty down to earth they were in this video. It seems we are witnessing the members in their natural environment. Then all hell breaks loose with Amber breaking her tea cup and the other members pour excessive amounts of tea and suddenly throwing themselves onto the floor. The screens widen as we move out into the forest where the girls wonder around. It all seems like the girls act as if they are all 1 particular person OR they are each other in alternative universes. But the ending says otherwise. Anyway, they get lost but somehow make their way back into the very same apartment at the start and Victoria prevents the same events as Amber tries to break the cup again (as she passes by everyone). Yeah, still have no idea what the video is about. But the cinematography and the shaky focus goes hand in hand, adding confusion to the video. I liked it

The dance is pretty cool. It matched the sound and stlye of the song. I was really interested in what the dance would be like since the music video did not show any of the dance, but it all makes sense and I like it a lot now that I know. I just want a freaking dance version of the music video, or at least some sort of dance or performance version. It is a lot more feminine than I thought it would be and I thought Amber would have some trouble fitting in, but she manages to pull it off with ease.

Perfection. Even the whole album can be described as perfection. 10/10

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