Taola – B.I.G

This song is definitely a “new chapter” for the B.I.G boys. Even though it is a style of song that I did not expect from the group, they managed to rock it. I actually like it a lot. From what I hear, it is some of sort of funky and hip hop type of mash-up, which sounds better than what I am currently describing. Does it live up to their earlier track in the year? Probably not, but it has the potential to be up there as their second best track to date. The vocals are clear and quite dominate. The rap on the over hand, sound like they have muted somewhat. I don’t know, but it sounds like the rap brings down the song for me. It is not as powerful as the vocals (or as loud), but that could just be my speakers (I have been using the same computer for nearly 10 years now!). It is pretty catchy. One minor complaint, but the song could have done with the dial tone sound that is scattered throughout the track. But overall, I liked it.

The music video was a lot darker and more mysterious compared to Between Night n Music. Each member is centred around something that makes them look tough, from the looks of the video. Sorry, I don’t know names, but one member is shown as a boxer, motorcycle rider, sitting around a large countdown timer, sitting around and on top of television and pumping gas. Okay, the last three make no sense whatsoever. I personally love the simplicity of the dance scenes. Literally was just a concrete wall they performed in front of. The only member I can put a name to is Benji and can I just say that it took me multiple times to be able to pin point which member was Benji. Actually all the members, look so different, I thought I clicked on the wrong video. The video can be rated good to great. I wouldn’t mind watching it over and over again, even though there isn’t much to it.

The dance is a brand new style for the guys. It seems like they adopted the infamous sexy concept but managed to keep it classy and fits their new dark image (seen the eyeliner, might have gone a little too far with it). I think the dance fits the song as well and I personally think it is an amazing choreography.

I feel like my review is a little lacking here. But I manage to write what I feel about the song. Overall, it is a great comeback, just not one I had expected (Honestly, I thought they keep the bright concept). 8/10


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