Rewind: November 2015

November has come to end, and the end of the year is fast approaching. Sooner or later, Christmas will be pulling up in its own sleigh, and that means New Years will be around the corner. Oh my God, but time surely flies. Here is the top 20 songs of November 2015, in my point of view. For this particular list, I decided to not include BTS’s latest comeback, which was just released yesterday. Also artists that I chose to exclude was Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa), UP10TION, Baek Yerin (15&), CL (2NE1) (mainly because it is her American debut song).

1. Hot Pink – EXID

2. Brave New World – Brown Eyed Girls

3. Chained Up – VIXX

4. Insensible – Lee Hong Ki (Ft Island)

5. Warm Hole – Brown Eyed Girls

6. Muah – APRIL

7. Taola – B.I.G

8. Young Wild and Free – B.A.P

9. Storm – MAP6

10. Sleepless Nights – Nine Muses

11. Confession Song – GOT7

12. D.O.A – High4

13.  OMGT – Mad Town

14. Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

15. Scream – Seo In Young

16. Apology – iKON

17. Target – ROMEO

18. Jam – Dynamic Duo

19. If The World Was Perfect – Verbal Jint ft. Taeyeon (SNSD)

20. Anthem – iKON

[Playlist Coming Soon]

And that is November, wrapped up nicely. Which song did you think was the best song of November 2015? Comment below? And check out some the latest reviews, conveniently linked down below. Some of which are included in the list above!!!

Target – ROMEO

Insensible – Lee Hong Ki (FT Island)

Hot Pink – EXID

Muah – APRIL

Lightsaber – EXO

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