For You – Lovelyz

Within a little over a month, Lovelyz has returned with a brand new song. They made their comeback with Ah Choo at the end of October, and surprisingly made their comeback at the start of December. This song just throws me back to the early SNSD days and Kara days. This is a song that honestly feels like it came out during the Golden Ages of KPOP. They went for a more upbeat song this time around. I say that, because it is a lot more upbeat than Ah Choo (which was already upbeat itself). The vocals in this song are pretty nice and fit into that realm of cute concept. As for the instrumental, it is pretty typical, but like the bass sounds in the song. It gave the song more depth and allowed the girls to sound more like from the 2008-2010 era. I think this is a better song that Ah Choo. It has that really addictive beat and the “du du du” sounds. It is a hidden fact that the “du du du” sounds make all songs sound really nice and catchy. But really, it seems like the girls did a really nice job with the song.

As for the video, kind of thankful they are not in a place that is fake. All their music videos have been (sadly) in a box, so to see them embrace the real world makes it oddly satisfying. Maybe I should not have worded it in that way. Not exactly sure what is happening in the video, but it seems like they are all friends and are all meeting up once again. Or that the girl in the snow is holding a box full of memories. While I am not too sure about the plot of the video, I have to admit it was beautifully shot. The scenes were all very bright and matched the tone of the song. The close-up shots of them were spectacular and it highlights each of them individual beauties. Also, what is with this upbeat trend during the season that is commonly associated with slow and snow? Loving it, though so no complaints.

I have yet to see a live performance for this song, so yeah. No dance. [UPDATE: Just saw the dance, but there really wasn’t anything impressive. But the score stays as normal]

Overall, liking the song and the video. 8/10

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