Someone Like U – Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet has returned with a brand new song after a years absence from the stage. Their line up has changed after two members (Jiyul & Kaeun) left the band, leaving the group with just 4 members. This comeback also marks their 5th year on stage.

The song is honestly a really nice dance track. As soon as I heard the song, I thought about how funky and disco-like their song is. All of Dal Shabet songs have that disco and retro vibe to it which makes it stand out a lot. I absolutely adore the instrumental of the song. It just fits in really well with their vocals. As mentioned above, two of the members left the band. One of them happened to be the rapper of the band, so everyone’s question was like “who is going to feel in the shoes of the B.B.B rapper?”. Okay, I added the B.B.B rapper to it, but honestly after that rap, who honestly was going to replace her? Well, I think Serri handled it pretty well in this song. Sure a little more practice and experience would make her sound better but she has what I think the basics are down pat. The song was pretty catchy and addictive to listen to. It took one or two listens to get into it, but once you get into it, you will feel how good of a song it really is. It would have been a little more nicer to appreciate if a little more colour was added to the song. It could have potentially been an okay song or a great song in my book, but a little more colour added to the song (could be in the form of a high note or an extra instrumental which brings out the funkiness) could have boosted it up past that line, making it a great or excellent song.

The video was boring. Parts were copied from their B.B.B song and the plot was just weird. The plot twist at the end seems typical of a KPOP song, but at the end of the day it was hella cheesy. The girls get their revenge on the guy that cheated on them by putting on a party and shooting out streamers? You see, that just takes something that could have been dramatic and hella cool into something that an 8 year old child would think of. Further more, the parts where the girls were lounging around the speech bubbles and all were directly taken from their B.B.B video. Which shows to me a lack of creativity and honestly proving to me that watching this video would be a waste of time. And once again, 4 members dating the one guy. Makes total sense.

The dance fit in with the funky sound which the song had channelling through it. It is a nice dance and looked pretty cool. Not as loud or sexualised compared to Joker or B.B.B, but I have a feeling those part where they open their jackets is going to be something that could earn the interest of a few netizens. But hopefully it won’t. I probably just jinxed it. Hahaha.. But honestly, I don’t see the trouble with all the dance moves that Dal Shabet do that ends up getting banned.

Song is great, video is boring and dance is pretty nice. 7/10

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