Rough – GFriend

GFriend has made officially made their first comeback of the year with Rough. After collecting numerous “Best Female Rookie” awards, the girls are back and have hit the top of the charts with their new song, showing how capable they are at taking over the industry.

This is probably my most favourite track of the year (so far). GFriend has unveiled a really addictive and catchy song to listen to. It has been replaying on my phone and computer. It is the first song that I want to listen to when I jump on YouTube and literally the last song that I want listen to , just before drifting to sleep. The instrumental is just an amazing orchestra type of style, which if you don’t know, I tend to dig. It reminds me a lot of Me Gustas Tu, but with a more of a warmer feel. It truly does suit the season a lot. The vocal work of the band is a lot stronger and powerful in this song, and the balance between the vocals and instrumental is just perfect. It really gives off a sense that the girls have matured, since they are going for this more mature sound. I literally have no complaints with the song. The ending is abrupt, but it is the song’s charm. I personally feel like the clock ticking sounds were a little random, as they only appeared towards the end, but it finishes off the song quite nicely. Totally a fan and totally digging this song.

The music video theory is honestly a good one. If you have not heard, people are speculating that GFriend’s concept, school girl, is ending after this comeback. Why? Well, many people believe that Glass Beads is when the girls first started off with their schooling, Me Gustas Tu is when they are attending school (or in the middle of their schooling) and now Rough is the end (hence a lot of scenes of them leaving and reuniting/their mature sound). Interesting theory, but something that I am a little concerned about. If the theory is true, what concept will they attempt next? They have owned this concept and literally made it their own, so what will they rely on next? But this video was beautifully shot. The fake snow even looks so real in the video. The set is honestly amazing and realistic. Their shots in the outside was so beautifully done. Even the colour of the music video gives it that Winter feel and/or that really warm feel that makes the song so nice. And that teddy bear scene. Don’t leave him behind.

Honestly, GFriend has always amazed me with their dances and this one is no exception. The start where they unveil one member at a time can be described as genius in my book. The ending, where it looks like the evolution of man kind (okay, very bad example), looks amazing and fits in with the song so much.

Overall, this is by far their most amazing comeback to date. But I am 100% sure that the next comeback will wow me even more. Amazing! 10/10

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