Cider – Yezi (Fiestar)

Late last year, I reviewed Crazy Dog, which I assumed to be Yezi’s solo debut. But apparently, I was completely wrong and that Cider would be her first official solo song, and hence her debut as a solo artist on the stage. For those who don’t know, Yezi is the rapper for the girl group Fiestar. Last year, she shot to fame with her appearance and participation on Unpretty Rapstar. With her new found popularity, it is said that Fiestar could potentially break out as a top group this year.

You all know that I am not into the rap or hip hop side of KPOP, but once again, Yezi does a pretty good job with making me enjoying this genre. When I first heard the song, for some reason, the start of the song (just before Yezi started rapping) sounded a lot like an intro to a boy group dance based song. I don’t wish to discriminate, but that was my first initial thought into the song. As soon as I heard her rap, I can say I was slayed. She sounded extremely powerful and badass. Throw away my thoughts of the intro to a boy group dance song, Yezi does an amazing job with the song. The chorus was extremely short for my liking, but damn, does the way she say ‘Cider’ sound so sexy? I am literally floored with the song. The “Let’s Do It, Just Do It” at the very end sounds so good to my ears. Totally digging this song. The song was extremely fast (what I tend to think with any song that has majority of it rap based) and seemed short at first glance, but it was an amazing solid 3 minutes, I just did not notice time flew by.

The music video was pretty cool. When I first watched the video, I was a little confused. She started off wearing white and they were in a pretty bright room. Too bright for genre. I mean, the colour that is associated with rap and hip hop is black, but the white threw me off. And then, it all started. Throw away that whiteness and supposed innocence, because she started to rebel and cause havoc on the set of whatever they were shooting. The directors seem to be fed up, but that poor assistant looked like he just crapped his pants when she pulled the pieces of paper out of his hands. I think the point of the video is show that the old concepts are out and the new concepts will be coming in. I am going to be honest, but I secretly like her when she is wearing black. It suits her more and also fits in with the rest of the concept. I really like the plot or idea around the video

The dance. Well, there really is not much of a dance. What I see Yezi do, seems to just be simple hand movements and there really isn’t anything that seems complex. Her hips though, in some performances, wow. The background dancers seem to have the more complex moves, and I think their presence behind Yezi seem to make the stage more complete and fill in the rest of the concept on the stage. And that red box that she rides on seem so cool. It gives off a very polished feel to it.

Amazing solo debut. Everything rocked. 9/10

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