Whoo – Rainbow

Rainbow has finally returned, almost a year after their last comeback, Black Swan.

I actually enjoy listening to this song. Sure, it is not something that many of us expected, but I still think it is a good song. Pretty ordinary and lacking in a lot of areas, but when do we get those songs that tone everything down and takes us back to ordinariness. What I am saying is that sometimes it is good to go back to a lower level and live the good times. Do you understand? Saying that, I thought the song was really bright and catchy, but at times I wanted to listen to something that had a little more flavour to it. For example, the vocals were just meh and quite monotone. Maybe add in some high notes or something to give it life. The rap was too dry and failed to hype me up. Same goes for the chorus, it just fails to hype me up. But I feel like the bridge was the best part of the song for me. I also find it interesting at how girl groups tend to go into more retro songs nowadays, rather than more modernised songs, but that is another topic. Sure, an ordinary song but I still like it.

Regarding the  video, wow. It looks like DSP has cut the budget for the girls. Once again. Last time was for the really short promotional period due to “lack of interest” and now DSP probably thinks that the girls won’t get far and decided to put together the cheapest music video ever. White set, with a few black balloons, a few colour screens and one or two props here and there. Heck, even what they are wearing seemed to be picked up from the two dollar store. So, I guess my major complaint is that it might have been too simple (and looks quite cheap). I am going to be honest, but the way they managed to film the video and edit it, gave it a really nice retro feel to it. And how they manage to incorporate their Rainbow theme is most of their comebacks seem quite smart and I think that is why I love them as a group, because they maintain their identity as a group (most of the time). Overall, the end product came out well, just it really did not live up to expectations.

Dance seemed ordinary. Nothing really that special, but it seems like these girls misses the stage quite a bit. I saw their first comeback stage on SBS The Show, and they all looked genuinely happy to be promoting again. Their smiles really reflected the concept they were going for and pretty much showed me their feeling on the stage. But yeah, beside that, there really isn’t much to say about the dance/performance.

Overall, the one word that summarises the comeback is “ordinary”. But it has its perks as well. 7/10

2 thoughts on “Whoo – Rainbow

  1. I love the video and the song the way they are. Sure, you’re right, some things look cheap, but it was still good and catchy.


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