Deepened – Brave Girls

Brave Girls made their debut back in 2011, with “Do You Know?”. They then returned in 2011 with “Easily”, “Nowadays, You” in 2012 and For You in 2013 and has since disappeared off the face of Earth. Three years later, the girls have returned as a seven member group (originally a 5 member group) with their new title track: “Deepened”. The current lineup includes: Hyeran, Yoojin (the two original members) and Minyeong, Yoojung, Eunji, Yuna, and Hayun.

This song really does not sit well with me. Not saying it is a bad song, but it just doesn’t appeal to me or really make me want to listen to it. It just lacks the colour and poppy sound that I want in my songs. But damn, this song reminds me of the days of slow RNB, where the artists would do some sort of dirty dance to the music. It also sounds like a song I would have associated with After School. Let’s leave it there, before I start any fan wars. The song just sounds monotone in my opinion. The rap was added to give it more a faster tempo, but I actually thought the rap was pretty boring. I can see the rapper trying her best and does a pretty good job overall, but in the song, it just felt boring. The chorus does pick the song a little bit (and is the exact bit that gives me those After School feels), but it really does not change much for me. I thought the rhythm, vocals, lyrics (a bit suggestive, but I think we can all handle it like grown adults) and tune was all pretty good, just it sounds monotone and that really ruins it for me. I just can’t imagine this song any other way.

The music video was interesting. Seems like the girls have gone down the sexy concept route. And I think it does wonders for them. I am inclined to watch the video since I think it is quite a nice video to watch. It matches the monotone of the song. And I say all of that in a good way. Love how they use the one shot form to introduce the video at the start of the song/video. Goes hand in hand with the way the song is structured. Their sets looks pretty good and realistic as well. Gives off that hip hop and edgy vibe. The only thing that troubles me is the fact that they look like they are wearing fitness clothes. It looks good on them, but it just makes me giggle everytime I see them in it, because I think they are going to workout or something later. Don’t mind me, if you have been following me since the start, I have a weird sense of humour. That slow dance scene was pretty good as well.

A lot of sexy in this dance and a lot of swaying hips. On stage they look more like hip hop girls, but in the video the sports bra really brings out the fitness side of them, I guess. Not exactly fond of the extremely slow squat. The speed of the dance fits the song perfectly, but the squat just looks uncomfortable and unimaginative.

Overall, the whole comeback is okay. Sum it up for you guys in a few words. 6/10

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