Knock – KNK

Let’s add a new band to the review list! KNK is a boy group that is currently under YNB Entertainment, which also houses Noel and BESTie. They are made up of 5 members: Kim You Jin, Park Seung Jun, Jeong In Seong, Kim Ji Hun and Oh Hee Jun. They made their official debut on the 16th of March. Surprisingly for a newly debut band, they have already established their fanclub: Tinkerbell. But let’s move along now.

The song is pretty nice to listen to. It doesn’t blow me away, but the song probably shows a lot of potential in itself and the band as well. The song starts off with a nice piano medley and very soothing vocals. The song starts to get a little more impactful with more harmonies and stronger vocals. As the song progresses along, the song starts to build up pretty well. The chorus just smacks you across the face (well, it did for me). It just sounds extremely powerful, but in a subtle way (is that just polar opposite then?). Their vocals sound very mature,  powerful and as if they have been performing for a very long time. The rapping fits very well with the song. It adds to that powerful nature of the song. Suprisinly, when I watch over the music video, I find that they way they intergrated their name into the song quite smart. It flowed very well and doesn’t sound like they over advertising themselves (cough-Brave Sound-cough-JYP back in the day-cough). I am coming down with a cold. Actually, it sounds like it was meant to be a part of the song. Saying all of that, great song. Very hard to see any flaws in it.

The music video was pretty good. Once again, not enough to make it amazing, but it had its charm. The powerful and dark vibe carries through from the song to the video. The sets were phenomenal. Yeah, we see them a lot, but the way they used the sets for their solo shots and dance scenes were pretty much their “style”. It just fits them really well. Usually, you see that certain scenes don’t fit in or the sets didn’t just suit the video. But here, wow. The lightings in background emphasised them and made them that much manlier and stronger. That very typical “Let’s look for her when she is obviously gone” scenes where they run around and look completely lost when they probably are still in their houses were in the video and I can say I was a little disappointed in that. I expected maybe a different way to present that scene.

The dance is pretty good as well. Yet again, not the most jaw dropping choreography I have seen to date, but damn, it is still pretty good. When they walk around in the circle, with their chest held up high, that seemed very good. Their movements were very sharp. The dance just showed off their manliness and oozed with charisma. That ending (when they are rapping) looked awesome and cool.

Overall, I think it is a very good debut with great aspects and all. They have so much potential and I think they will do well for a very long time. One thing I will say: check out their mini album. They have good tracks on it. As for this one: 9/10

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