Mirror – Fiestar

Fiestar has returned with their latest mini album and title track, Mirror. This is their first comeback since members Yezi and Cao Lu have shined the light back onto the girls through their solo promotions. Yezi recently made her solo debut with song Cider, due to her increase in popularity due to Unpretty Rapstar. Cao Lu has been hitting it big with her participation on variety TV shows. With the new popularity, the girls and their company decided a comeback was needed to embrace the new love (and that is has been about one year since their last promotions).

Mirror, once again, has become another underrated track for the group. This sad dance song is really good and I thought it neared perfection (hmm… Like yesterday). At first I thought a dance song with a more upbeat feel and sound would suit the girls more. However I was kind of shocked they went with a song that sounded darker than their last. But the sound sounded amazing upon first listen and now I totally dig it. I am going to say that the emotions in their vocals are very subtle. It just feels like they are singing a song. There really isn’t much more to their voice and it is all rather flat. Also very distant. The vocals are probably my only complaint. The rapping though was amazing. Yezi usually have this tough and strong sound to her, but here she managed to fit her rapping into the song. The song was soft and her rapping complimented just that. It sounded fragile, just like what the song was all about. It probably has to be one of the few rapping sequences that fit perfectly with the song it was in. The chorus was catchy. The “save me, save me” and “baby baby” are just constantly replaying in my head. Also Cao Lu got more lines. Our prayers were answered.

Love the imagery of the music video. The use of the cracked mirror was just too good in my opinion. Loved it how they stood there holding the piece and then the editor just edited in the reflection. Oh boy, I just totally made it sound like it was stupid. But it wasn’t. It was completely amazing. The darkness of the video is like no other. The only probably I found with the video is the formula that they used. It just seemed to be too similar to their last music video. The dance set and the cinematography for those scenes were nearly the same and I kind of got bored of it. It just made the video seemed generic. Everytime we watch a new video, we expect something different. Same formula is okay, but the girls needed something to spice the video up and make it into an instant hit. Maybe a more interesting set and better camera work?

As for the dance, mega disappointed. It was such a sensual sounding song that it had so much potential into being turned into dance that could have rivaled other sexy dances like Something by Girls Day or Alone by Sistar. I did love the squats they did in the chorus, but beside that, it was really boring.

Song was amazing. Video and dance let the comeback down. I honestly thought the girls would get more attention, but it seems like it will become another forgotten song for the girls. 6/10

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