One Shot One Kill – UKISS

It has been a while since we heard from UKISS. But we did hear some shocking news from the band when Eli announced suddenly that he was married AND expecting a child on the way. Not saying that the news was bad in anyway, it just caught everyone off guard. UKISS has also been busy in Japan and it has been over a year since their last domestic (Korean) promotions. This is not their Korean comeback however, but just another Japanese comeback.

I am genuinely confused about this song. When I first heard the title of the song, I thought they went for an electronic or EDM based song. It also sounds like something masculine and dangerous. I honestly had James Bond channelling through my mind. However instead we got… a love song? Rather disappointing. The song does not sound as great. It just sounds like a complete mismatch waiting to happen. The vocals in my opinion do not suit the song. It seems to be more drawn out than anything. However the rapping is really good and with the combination of the instrumental had an “Uptown Funk” kind of feel to it (actually applies to the whole video). Talking about the instrumental, it gave the song a really nice retro sound. Even the dance break was just those retro sound, not a single electronic sound in the dance break (there might have been a little bit, but it was after the dance break) and I am going to give them props for that, since I think the instrumental was really good as well. Vocals and the mismatched initial thoughts just didn’t lineup.

The retro video fitted really well with the song. But like the song, I thought of a 007 theme video or spy themed. Anyway, with what we were delivered, the retro themed went throughout the video. From the sets, to their attire to the walking canes. Actually, walking canes aren’t retro, but they fit really well with this video. And that is all I have to say about the video….

Dance wise, thought the use of the canes were cool but a bit messy. Thought the dance break was cool. While we didn’t really see much of the dance in the video, I did manage to fine snippets of a live performance at one of their fanmeets in Japan, and I can say, I think it is amazing dance.

What we got was not what I expected and that is quite disappointing. But they managed to pull it off (with the odd complaint) and it sounded/looked good. 6.5/10

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