[Review] So So – Baek Ah Yeon

It has been a very long time since I lasted talked about Baek Ah Yeon. Actually, I have never talked about this gem in the Korean industry. Baek Ah Yeon does not fall into your typical South Korean group. She is a solo artist who was formerly a contestant on KPOP Star, making it to the top 3. While her early days as a solo artist failed to put her out there, the previous two years have been highly successful for her. She made her comeback (in 2015) with Shouldn’t Have, which featured Young K of DAY6 and earned herself a position on the charts. With this comeback, she has gone further and topped charts with her single, So So.

Baek Ah Yeon has a pretty good discography of songs that I like. This is just another addition to the list. I am usually not into these flowery ballads, but her song is just so amazing. To me, Baek Ah Yeon has the voice that will fit this song. Probably no other artist will ever do a rendition of the song that will make me feel satisfied. There is a perfect balance between the vocals and instrumental.  None of the two overpowers the other and that is a sign that a good ballad (and song). The lyrics are easy to understand and I think make the song relatable to everyone. Those feelings of your past relationship lingering around to the point, where you don’t know what love ever felt like. That is the essence of the song. The song is also very easy on your ears, but that is expected of any ballad. Nothing felt over the top and I think that is why I liked the song a lot.

One of the ways to make an excellent video is to simply take the lyrics and form a video from it. This particular video does just that and I think that makes it an amazing video to watch. We have Baek Ah Yeon, admitting herself into the hospital because she feels “so-so”. It makes sense and is logical.  She doesn’t understand why nothing feels the same anymore, so she undergoes treatment. The hospital brings good food, but just can’t taste the goodness in it. They find (or he happened to wander to them) a handsome guy, but he failed cure her heartbreak. However, who let the dog out? She manages to focus her attention on the dog and at the end, when the dog leaves, she follows after to the owner, who we all suspect “cured” her heartbreak. This is a storyline that matches the lyrics and made the video feel right (for once). I find the scenes of her playing with the dog extremely cute. It makes me want to get a dog.

Overall, amazing song and video. I just want to continue praising it. Take all my compliments. 10/10

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