[Review] Very Nice – Seventeen

Seventeen has returned with their first repackaged album and title track Very Nice or 아주 Nice. They previously made their comeback with their first official album and title track Pretty U in April. 

First time listening to the song, I thought it was rather weird and cluttered. It is a song that you would describe as multiple songs mashed into one. It turns out to be a typical pop song, but there are so many different elements in the song, that sometimes it catches me off guard. But I have grown to love it. It is a song that I constantly play and because of that, it topped the first weekly KPOP charts that I posted on Sunday. I did like the fast chorus and then the slow downs in the song. It worked in their favour. I particular like the start of the song (DK did a pretty good job there and the rest of the high pitch lines before the choruses), Woozi’s ballad breakdown/slowdown and Vernon’s and Dino’s rap in the middle of the song. The one part that I am not feeling is Jeonghan’s part in the bridge. It honestly does not match the rest of the vocals and the “explosive” nature of the song. For sure, I find the song extremely addictive and catchy. Overall, I really liked the song and I honestly recommend this song.

The music video was “Very Nice” to watch. Okay, I will refrain myself from the puns. That is one creepy girl. Of course, it makes senses with their heart exploding since they are singing about her and how she make their heart explodes. But damn, those shots where she appears out of nowhere and walks in the shot. Also, when the guys are dancing in the video and the camera zoom into her staring at them. Tell me that isn’t creepy. And how she stares blankly at them when their heart explodes. It is as if her goal is to kill the guys, rather than be with them. Really liked the exploding heart effect, though. I liked this video more than Pretty U, mainly because they are interacting with the camera. Not exactly sure about the ending when they are all running. KPOP has this odd fetish with explosions. First the lying dude from EXID’s L.I.E and now S.Coups. I think the question that should be asked is: who is next? I also wish to applaud Wonwoo. For a person who is sick and meant to be resting, he appears in the video multiple times and we probably cannot continue the review without some acknowledgement.

The dance was amazing. The chorus probably got some fangirls excited (i.e. hip thrusting and butts everywhere) but I thought the dance fitted the song extremely well. The chorus was amazing and looks too hard to even attempt an attempt.  As if a key and lock. The suspenders (even though looked quite unstylish) were well used.

Final Rating – 9/10

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