[Review] Fire Truck – NCT 127

NCT has returned to the stage with the debut of another subunit. NCT’s first subunit made their debut in April as NCT U. The lineup between the NCT U and NCT 127 are quite similar, however there were some changes. So the lineup for NCT 127 includes Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Jaehyun, WinWin, Mark and Haechan. Yuta, WinWin and Mark were not part of NCT U.

I was surprised when I first heard of Fire Truck. It was completely different to anything anyone in the industry has put out.  There is a very strong American EDM vibe in Fire Truck. I am one of those people who do not really enjoy the EDM genre (however, give me a good one and I will be heads over heels for it), but this song sounds amazing. It just took two words (Fire Truck) to win me over with the song. Those two words sound amazing in the song. Talking about those two words, they seem pretty random, don’t you think? To just have a song titled as Fire Truck sounds a little “out there”. But then again, it is KPOP we are talking about. Moving along, I was very unimpressed by the rap. The vocals were a little better. Emphasis on “a little better”. It just felt whiney and annoying (to an extent). I guess it is heavily influenced by the EDM and editing of the song. The vocals in the bridge are much clearer and Though, what we have already fits in well with the instrumental. It just doesn’t sit well with my ears. But give me the instrumental (though, I would like the bass to be turned up just a bit more) and just the words “Fire Truck” and I will be extremely happy.

Moving along to the video, I am quite confused. The guys go around with fire hoses and start spraying water around at people. Not that I have a problem with that, it fits in with the lyrics of the song, but it seems quite random (if you watch the video only). There are “supposedly” sexual themes in the video, from what I am researching off. It does make sense with the guys standing around females with water spraying into their faces and letting it go everywhere in other scenes.  Watching the video the first few times around, I just thought they go around spraying water at people for fun. Moving to SM’s explanation of the video. Essentially, the guys are the young girl’s guardian angels and these angels use fire hoses to “flush out” the troubles for the girl. It sounds really childish and very desperate. It sounds a lot more like a  back-up plan, than an intended story. I don’t know what to believe. While the sexual theory makes sense visually (hmmm.. that does not sound right at all), it doesn’t make sense with that final scene where the band “moves on” to the little boy, which fits more of SM Entertainment’s explanation. But I don’t think SM explanation fits in with majority of the video as well. Was there a need to do close shots of those moments? Might as well make the guys do the cutesy concept if that is your explanation. Are there any other theories that you guys know of? I only know of the two, but if there are any others, comment below! Besides the confusing plot, I really liked the choregraphy scenes in the video. Fits the feel and vibe of the song.

The dancing was pretty good. Overall, they do bring out more of a hip hop vibe to the dance. However, some moves look like they lacked imagination and lazy. I am talking about 1:02 minutes into the music video. But beside that, I liked it. Also, poofy hair dude. He is wearing a shirt that cyclists would usually wear. It looks completely out of place and terrible on him. And that is coming from a guy who has little to no fashion sense.

Final Rating – 5.5/10

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