[Review] Breathless – Astro

It has been a few days since my last review and I (once again) apologise for that. I have restarted the second semester of the year and will be a little slower with reviews. I should still be able to publish reviews, though. Which leads me to Astro! They have returned with a brand new mini-album and their newest track, Breathless.

As you may know from my previous review of the guys, I was not as fond of their debut track, Hide and Seek. This song, however, is definitely an improvement. It isn’t the best song out there at the moment, but it is still a good song. It is a lot catchier and it suits the Summer season really well. Give it a few listens and I guarantee you will be singing along (that is what happened with me and this song). The instrumental puts you at the beach straight away. Upbeat, bright and fresh. The rapping is pretty good (but ain’t impressive). The vocals are pretty good as well. The chorus sounds pretty good because there are backing vocals there. The verses do sound a little bit empty and dry. Maybe a tiny bit of backing vocals will improve the verses, it doesn’t need to be as excessive as the chorus. The “Ppa Ppa Ppa Ppa” is really addictive and those “shouts”that they do after the “Ppa Ppa” do leave a good impression on me. The guys are definitely improving with their songs.

The music video is okay. They call it a music video, but from start to end I feel like it is more of a promotional run of that orange soft drink. The essence of the video is basically the guys are the orange soft drink bottles that we see with the girl constantly. It makes it funny, but yeah, it would be the perfect product placement video if the product actually existed. The video fits the Summer vibes of the song and it situates you perfectly at the beach. The guys also come in different colours. I don’t know you, but that duck is definitely the highlight of the video. Following the girl around and all. Beside that, there isn’t much else to the video. Not a video that I would go to watch constantly, but it was okay.

The dance can described simply as “cutesy concept with the guys trying to act cool”. I don’t think it is a great performance. Like their debut, not that impressive. Though, it looks like they are having the time of their lives on stage.

Final Rating – 6/10

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