[Review] Take Me Now – FT Island

KPOP’s rock kings are finally back with a brand new album. Their last comeback was way back in March last year. The group has been busy in Japan with multiple releases (as usual), however recently complained publically about the lack of domestic activities and chances to make comebacks in South Korea. Remember reading that somewhere, just don’t know where. Anyhow, it has been a while, so let’s get cracking.

I really enjoy listening to this song. Every time I hear the song I can’t help but head-bang my way through the song. It is the perfect song for 3 minutes of pure head banging. Singing along to this song is amazing. The song just keeps you up and going the whole time (lol). Though I am not fond of the way Hongki pronounces some of his words, the song still manages to exceed my expectations. Remember last year when I bragged about how good Pray was? This song is like the more levelled up version. I really liked the fluctuations in the song. Some parts were fast, some were slow. But the bigger picture ended up being amazing. I could hear some American influences into this song. If there was an English version of the song, I think multiple bands (sorry, this is just based off minimal knowledge of American rock bands) would fit this song perfectly. The fact that FT Island has gone down this route with Pray and now this (when they used to be more about ballads and toned down rock songs) really give me a good impression of them (which I don’t really need because I know what these guys are capable of). So yeah, currently the perfect song to head-bang and rock to in KPOP.

A little confused with the music video. The music video alludes to breaking away from tradition. I don’t know, it makes sense for the majority of the video, but I don’t know how that little girl plays into it. Is she the young lady we see who “conformed” to society but ends up going against the norms? The burning guitar and how everyone else is wearing protective gear and a gas mask makes me think that way.  Is the little girl the symbol of hope and freedom (too much Hunger Games here) and rebels against the government? The video is so symbolic, but it is quite open ended in my opinion. Some different scenarios can fit the video and that is probably a reason why I am so drawn to the video. I, for some reason, have thought of a few possibilities. Some of which (when thinking back) makes no sense whatsoever.  At first, I thought the video was alluding to a new beginning, particularly regarding the guitar on fire.  I really like the set which they guys perform in. Though it is the same set all the way through, they change it up a few times. Once with a standard normal camera, then a red filter and then fire everywhere. It is really cool and a pretty smart thing to do.

Final Rating – 9.5/10

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