[Review] Lip 2 Lip – Nine Muses A

Nine Muses have returned but as a subunit consisting of Kyungri, Sojin, Hyemi and Keumjo. It has been a while since we heard from Nine Muses and since we last heard from them, a few other members (namely Minha and Euaerin) left the group once their contract was up.

Lip 2 Lip is another okay song. Sadly, it is not as memorable as I would want it to be. It has a diva-like feel to the song and falls nicely in within the retro realm. The chorus is not as catchy, but that “la-di-da chu~” steals my attention. Them singing that makes somewhat catchy, but I would have liked more of a hook to the rest of the chorus. It just feels empty and bland. Sojin’s rap is pretty nice. It is very mature and sounds very classy. I don’t know why but the song starts to pick up at the bridge and slows down before getting into the last “la-di-da chu~” part. I felt like that faster beat should have been there from the start and the bridge should have been a simple slow down. However, as I said, it is okay. It is bearable and I do listen to it. If it was catchier, I would have liked it more and probably more people would pay attention to the song. I agree with you, that is harsh, but I think that is what is missing in the song.

The music video depicts a group of girls who gather around and I guess chat about a guy one of them is meeting. This chat makes the main character in the music video discuss with the others about her experiences with the guy (which makes the other girls envy her). However, towards the end of the video, it is revealed that the guy is two-timing with another girl from the group and the girls are angry at that. The ending kind of leaves you on edge a little bit. There seems to be something more to the video and hopefully, this is a sign for a future Nine Muses comeback, so the story can be continued. Interesting story line. One that has been done a few times too many recently. Rest of the video (i.e. the dance shots) were okay.

The dance featured a small part of the music video concept. The end of the dance shows the girls standing around a phone and realising the same thing that occurred in the video. Quite smart. The rest of the dance was okay. It isn’t memorable or anything, sadly. Nine Muses usually do well with the dances. Just not this time, sadly.

Final Rating – 4.5/10

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