[Review] Tonight – UP10TION

UP10TION made their Summer comeback with Tonight. They released their song back on August 5th and have been promoting the song. They previously came back with Attention in April this year.

Honestly not too bad of a song. It just isn’t find it memorable or that catchy. Sure, I will listen to the song, but it isn’t something that I would say I would go back to it over and over again. I do prefer the more powerful and strong sound that UP10TION is going for. This suits the Summer concept really well, even borrowing lines from top Korean Summer hits. The vocal work is solid and the rapping was okay (not their best). The instrumental does feel quite bopping but (and here is contradicting me coming along) quite monotone for my liking. I don’t mind the brass sounds in it, but it does feel lacking in many ways. It does have a more colourful and bright vibe to it, which is something that we have not yet seen from the guys. But then again, these Summer tracks are something that most KPOP boy bands do. Which kind of leads me onto my next point (and refer back to the top). It is pretty generic (i.e. every band does a song like this and the sound/concept becomes unoriginal) and bland. That contributed to the lack of memorability of the song. But like I said, if it was there, I would listen to it.

Can’t really bang on how generic this video is. Unless I think of some way to show the Summer concept without throwing in the pool and the guys having fun. But that is essentially what the video is and there really isn’t much to say in regards to it. Though, rolling disco balls on a sunny day isn’t that fun. The light reflecting off the ball and into your/stranger’s eyes? Isn’t that annoying? This is coming from a guy who squints every time the suns pops out from behind the clouds. Where is this going?

Dance is okay. The stages aren’t that memorable as well. They do use a blanket or some material of some sort on the stage. The start looks quite cool, but pulling your members on it looks too childish for me. The blanket itself is something that I would associate with toddlers, not young adults.

Final Rating – 5/10

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