[Review] Secret Time – Spica

It has been over two years (apparently two years felt like an eternity) since we last heard anything from these girls. Not much has happened in the previous two years since their last release, Ghost, which was not even promoted at all. They have changed to a different company, CJ E&M Entertainment (earlier this year) and since then, their activities have increased. Notably, Bohyung is appearing on the show, Girl Spirit, which allows main vocalists of underrated girl groups to shine.

If you don’t remember Spica or have not heard of them, remember them now. Their vocals and unique retro songs back in the day made them quite popular. And now they are back with the superb harmonies and vocals with this new song. It is as if there was no 2-year gap that could have undermined their vocal abilities. I am amazed at the quality of the song. Sure, it does fall short compared to other songs at the moment however I liken this song to like a “re-debut” rather than a comeback. Okay, more about the song. It is a very nice nu-disco track that makes me want to dance. It is funky and retro-y, fitting really well into the songs that Spica had released in the past. As I mentioned before, the vocal work in this song is amazing. I feel like they selected the right person for each part of the song. Jiwon, in particular, fits the chorus really well, in my opinion. Bohyung and Boa sounded amazing together. Narae and Sihyun (they don’t really shine in the song) sang really well. While they do all sound different, they came together really well and made the song flow spectacularly. I really loved the small short segments of no sounds, right after each chorus. It gave what followed through right after a nice punch and it made the song more vibrant and cool. The beat was there throughout the whole song and it contributed to that nice vibrant feel.

Not exactly fond of the video. I guess the song had a party-like vibe to it, so it made sense for a party to appear in the video. Love the idea of the skating centre. The set (and the idea) does bring you back to the times when roller skates used to be cool. I just feel like the events in the video are quite outrageous and extremely random, to the point where it did undermine the quality of the video (for me). I loved everything else regarding the choreography shots and the closeups. We need to talk about the “gun” nature in KPOP videos one day. This pretty much adds to my frustration when it comes to guns. The video, I admit, looked quite hardcore then. And then it turns to bubble guns and the girls are all smiling the next minute. I had a “huh?” face for the rest of the video. It makes no sense and it ruined the mood of the video. I feel like the video could have lost of the craziness and make it feel like a party. It is a way to capture our attentions, but as I said before, it was over the top. Like the addition of the backup dancers to the party was far too late.

Dance wise, it was okay. Sure, it could have been better. But Spica is definitely highlighting their vocals in this song. Hence if they had a more upgraded dance, their vocals were gonna be sacrificed. I understand that and for that, I can’t really say much about. Quality first. I did like the end of the performance where they line up in a diagonal line and do the “ssshh” gesture. That looked cool.

Final Rating – 8/10



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