[Weekly Charts] Week 1 of September 2016

Welcome back to the first week of September. It is that time of the year where you ask yourself where the past 8 months have gone, and I have asked myself that question a number of times. I have restarted university, as you could have seen from my lack of reviews this week. Do not worry, I was waiting for the many releases this week: Red Velvet, Gain, Bobby, Mino and MOBB. I will be writing the reviews tomorrow and they should be slowly released starting Monday.

If you scroll down a little further, you will see that Cosmic Girls have edged forward from last week and taken out the top spot from Spica. Interesting. More interestingly is BlackPink is on the rise on my charts. Compared to my reviews, this surprised me a lot. YouTube’s “Up Next” function is doing wonders for the girls because that is where I am getting all these listens from.

Next week’s chart will be very interesting. I can smell it from here. I’ve already mentioned the artists who made their comeback this week, with the majority of them debuting on the charts next week. But 2PM and DIA making their comeback, along with Crayon Pop (which I just found out). Song overload.

A lovely reminder of the what the colours mean. Added a new one for songs that appear on the charts during their final week.
Green (↑)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Pink (↔) – Song did not feature in top 20 of the previous week, but has re-entered this week’s top 20. 
Red (↓) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week. 

4th Sep – 10th Sep 2016
Title Artist Status
1 Secret Cosmic Girls (↑ 1)  
2 Secert Time Spica (↓ 1)   
3 Russian Roulette Red Velvet (new)  
4 Shooting Love Laboum (=) 
5 Whistle BlackPink (↑ 10)  
6 Chewing Gum NCT Dream (↓ 3)   
7 Love Paint NU’EST (↑ 10)  
8 Aing Oh My Girl (↑ 13) 
9 On The Way Home Sunny Hill (↓ 1)  
10 Fantasy VIXX (↓ 4)   
11 Boom Bah Yah BlackPink (↑ 5)  
12 All Mine F(x) (↔) 
13 Lip 2 Lip Nine Muses A (↓ 1) 
14 Tonight UP10TION (↑ 4)  
15 Whatta Man I.O.I (↓ 4)   
16 Stuck Monsta X (↓ 6)  
17 Lotto EXO (↓ 12) 
18 Can’t Help Myself Eric Nam ft. Loco (↑ 2)  (Final Week)
19 Navillera Gfriend (↓ 6)  (Final Week)
20 Do Better Y-Teen (↓ 11) 
21 Still 24K 24K (↑ 2)  
22 Alright INX (↓ 8)   
23 Holup Bobby (iKON) (new)  
24 That’s My Jam B.A.P (↑ 1)  
25 Try Park Jimin (15&) (↓ 3)   
26 She Vromance (↔) (Final Week)
27 Dilemma Homme (↑ 2)  
28 Maria Halo (new)
29 How’s That? Hyuna (↑ 2)  
30 Cry Stellar (↓ 4)   

Per usual, there are songs that have completed their 9 weeks on the chart and starting from next week, will not be included on the charts anymore.

  • Navillera – GFriend (Peak: 2 – appeared on charts for all 9 weeks)
  • She – VRomance (Peak: 5 (x2) – appeared on charts for 8 weeks)
  • Can’t Help Myself – Eric Nam ft. Loco (Peak: 3 (x2) – appeared on charts for all 9 weeks)

Check in next Sunday for next week’s chart! Also be sure to check out the reviews I have released in the past few days and will be releasing soon as well. Follow me on Twitter (click the bird icon in the grey area below, follow the site or just like the post! All will be appreciated.

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