[Review] Fri. Sat. Sun. – Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet has returned with a brand new mini-album. Their last release was in January of this year with Someone Like U.

This song is amazing. Is that too much to the point? Hahaha… I like the song a lot. Sadly, I agree with many people, but South Korea skipped out on Dal Shabet. They have had great catchy songs and this has to be one of their best to date. It would have been nice with a little more bass (not too much, just a touch more) but the song still works wonderfully. The ‘light’ party sounding, club song is quite nice. It is quite easy on the ears and really gets you into the groove for a fantastic weekend. The song starts off slow, but the song does build up and after a few listens, the song’s tempo feels just right. There is also a nice balance between the vocals and instrumental. I do think their vocal work does suit the song, but at the same time, does sound a tad weak. The chorus is amazing but it could use more of a hook. There is some catchiness to it, but it would be nice with a much stronger and defined hook to the song and chorus. Not feeling the bridge of the song, it just slows things down and does letdown the rest of the song. Obviously not the perfect track out there in my opinion, but still pretty good.

The music video was quite boring. The song has a nice club and party vibe, but the party that was featured only had four people. Not that it is wrong, you can have a party with four or even 1 person (my sad life), but I think throwing a few more people into the video would make it more vibrant and more sense. I did like how they presented the idea of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While all the other days involve working hard, when the weekend rolls forward, the fun and games can begin. I really like the transition between each member. However, besides that, there was a sense of emptiness in the music video and left a certain impression me, that honestly shouldn’t. It was a fun sounding song, but sadly, the music video just did not reflect that.

Dance wise, I thought it was quite good. Not the best, but still fitting. It suited the style and sound of the song quite nicely. It did not go overboard with overly sexual moves. Just an extra hint of bass would have made this dance stand out with the instrumental of the song, in my opinion.

Rating – 7/10

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