[Review] Stay As You Are – Sandeul (B1A4)

B1A4’s main vocal has finally made his long-awaited debut with Stay As You Are. Sandeul is known for his amazing vocals, as proven by his appearances on shows like Immortal Song and Duet Song Festival. I particularly like his vocals when he is on Duet Song Festival. They always seem to blow me away. You should check out the performances. I guarantee you will be blown away.

A great ballad that brings out his vocals. The song starts off pretty slow and soft. But as you listen to the song, his vocals start to pick up (in terms of power) and the instrumental starts to become more layered and defined. In other words, the build up is quite spectacular. I am glad that there was a build up, otherwise, the song would have been too boring and easily forgettable. unfortunately, the song itself is quite forgettable. A little disappointed by that. If it was more memorable somehow, the song would have done a lot better on the charts. However, that’s just my subjective look on the song. Moving back to his vocals, you can definitely feel the emotion in the song just by listening to his voice. That is a sign of an excellent vocalist and singer. It is as if it a feather, drifting across the surface of water (just to throw in an analogy). Overall, while it is easily forgettable, the ballad does fulfil one thing. It is an excellent start to Sandeul’s solo career and compliments him quite well.

I have not yet watched the video. I do click on the video to watch it, but then get distracted the very next second before the video starts, so technically, I don’t find the video boring (as of yet). Let me retell the video for you guys. Sandeul wakes up (and like everyone else in the world) gets ready for the day with a blank and zoned out expression. We see him sitting at a cafe and just spending his day there. One day, a girl sits down at his table and starts following him around (without his permission). But as love stories usually go by, he falls for her. At the very end, he wakes up from his dream. From that alone and the lyrics, it seems like he was imagining his future lover and it seems like he was pretty disappointed by the ‘dream’ because it wasn’t real life. I personally think that is a great storyline and it matches perfectly with the lyrics. Sandeul’s acting here was amazing as well. The chemistry and emotions between him and the female lead looks pretty realistic. The overall way the video was shot was quite beautiful as well.

Rating – 9/10

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