[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of November 2016

Welcome to this week’s chart. Not that late with the release of it. Only a day late. I just finished a 3 hour exam today and I am dead tired. But I am pushing through with my list of things to do and the charts for last week was probably the easiest thing to do on that list. I just like to say that I won’t be uploading any reviews until Thursday night, because of my exams. I’ll be putting up an announcement (either at the end of the week or start of next week) about the coming months. But we shall discuss that when we get there.

The 1st week of November was very intense. Either Twice or I.O.I could have won. They were the two songs that I constantly replayed and hence landed them on top. surprisingly, EXO-CBX came out third. Why is that surprising? Well, I didn’t listen to their song much. But when I reviewed their song, I listened to it so much that it bumped to third place.

Next week (the week I am currently writing this in) is going to be intense. With the continuation of I.O.I, Twice, EXO-CBX, VIXX, Bastarz etc already on the charts and the addition of Mamamoo (I literally smell a new winner), BTOB, B.A.P, Topp Dogg; it is going to be a really tiring week. Look forward to that.

Without further ado, I present to you, the charts for the 1st week of November, 2016.

A lovely reminder of the what the colours in the status column mean.
Green (↑)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Red (↓) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week.

30th Oct – 5th Nov 2016
Title Artist Status
1 Very Very Very I.O.I (↑ 1)
2 TT Twice (↑ 2)
3 Hey Mama EXO-CBX (new)
4 The Closer VIXX (new)
5 Fighter Monsta X (↑ 10)
6 Blood, Sweat & Tears BTS (=)
7 Hard Carry GOT7 (↓ 2)
8 Playing With Fire BLACKPINK (new)
9 The Rain Ladies Code (↓ 8)
10 Beside Me Davichi (↓ 7)
11 Russian Roulette Red Velvet (↑ 6) (Final Week)
12 1 of 1 SHINee (↑ 4)
13 Only One APINK (↑ 5)
14 Gorilla Pentagon (↓ 7)
15 The Eye Infinite (↓ 6)
16 Fri. Sat. Sun Dal Shabet (↓ 6)
17 Don’t Believe Berry Good (new)
18 Next Station N.CA (new)
19 Give It To Me Seven (↓ 11)
20 Better Day 100% (↓ 6)
21 Make It Rain Bastarz (Block B) (new)
22 Home Ailee (↓ 10)
23 Fanfare SF9 (↓ 1)
24 Bingo 24K (↓ 3)
25 Doo Doom Chit Crayon Pop (↓ 5)
26 Beautiful Kei (Lovelyz) & The Solutions (new)
27 Love Is Davichi (↓ 14)
28 Dancing King Yoo Jae Suk X EXO (↓ 4)
29 Stay As You Are Sanduel (B1A4) (↑ 1)
30 Love Like This Hyorin (Sistar) ft. DOK2 (new)

Some songs have been on the chart system for 9 weeks now, and starting next week will not be appearing on the charts anymore (and the Top 30). They include:

  • Mariya – Halo (Peak: 28 – appeared on Top 30 for 1 week)
  • Russian Roulette – Red Velvet (Peak: 2 – appeared on Top 30 for all 9 weeks)
  • Holup! – Bobby (iKON) (Peak: 9 – appeared on Top 30 for 3 weeks)

There are also another handful of songs that will not be included in the charts starting next week as they have failed to reach appear on the charts OR the possibility of them re-entering the Top 30 is unlikely:

  • Cosmic – Bada & Ryeowook (Super Junior) (Peak: 30)
  • Lonely – Kanto (Peak: 31)
  • Breathe – Park Hyo Shin (Peak: 31)
  • Runnin’ – Henry (Super Junior M) & Soyu (Sistar) (Peak: 29)

Return next Sunday for next’s week chart. Enjoy the rest of your week!



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