[Review] TIAMO – T-ara

T-ara has finally returned with a brand new mini-album. Their latest mini album titled as Remember, which features the title track, TIAMO. It is said that this song will be a ‘mid-tempo, warm and sensual’ track.

Like what was promised, the song is a lot different from their past releases. It has a softer sound, suiting the upcoming cold season in the Northern Hemisphere. I actually like the song a lot. It is something a little different than what we normally get. But T-ara has proven themselves to be a girl group that is versatile with the various music that they release. They sure know how to bring the catchiness out of their songs, even when you don’t think it will be a great song or a song that won’t be catchy. There isn’t anything about the song that disappointed me. Everything within the song was pretty good. The vocals from all the members were superb and flawless. The line distribution is usually off when it comes to T-ara but I guess the line distribution this time around can be described as fair. As I said the song fits the upcoming Winter season and this can be credited to their soft vocals and a very warm feeling from the instrumental.

The music video is pretty boring to watch. Jiyeon standing in a field with a mirror floating about. She basically looks into her reflection clutching her mobile phone, which shows her love is ringing her. We cut into a scene where she is on the other side of the mirror and I assume is looking for a way out. There are keys on the trees around her and a lock on the door. I assume she is trying to a find a way out but realises she can’t. Now, Ti Amo is Spanish for ‘I love you’, so my guess is that this video is talking about holding on. I not entirely sure if that is right, but that is my guess. It just is very dull and boring to watch. Besides that, the girls all look very pretty in this video. The sets did a pretty good job at emphasising and highlighting their prettiness. Oh and the sets look pretty good as well.

The dance was also fitting, but at the same time, bland and boring. I think I am watching their promotions this time around for their vocals and song, rather than dance.

Rating – 7.5/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] TIAMO – T-ara

  1. yes, it isn’t an amazing song but it is enjoyable.
    And Ti Amo is in Italian, not spanish. In spanish is “tE amo” (not a big difference though haha)


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