[Review] Confession – Astro

Astro is back in the season of Fall with a brand new song, Confession. This is their third mini album to date since debut, with their previous releases including Hide & Seek in Spring and Breathless in Summer.

To me, Astro’s songs keep on getting better and better. Currently, they are probably one of my few picks to be the best rookie of the year. The song boasts a very strong and defined instrumental that shows off guitars and drums (aka. a band). The vocals and rapping by the band are superb in this song. None of their parts seems to be awkwardly placed or irrelevant to the song. The combination of the song and vocals make it feel as if it is an anime opening song. More on that a little later, though, but sounds perfect for an anime. There is just one thing that disappoints me and that is the ending of the song. It is too sudden. Just by writing this review and playing the song in the background, I honestly thought that YouTube crashed or something. It’s quite disappointing since the song is quite good and is left hanging like that. As if the producers had no idea how to properly end the song and left it as it is. The song peaked (for me) at the end, so the ending pretty much ruined the upbeat and happy feels that I was getting from the song.

Now, about that anime opening. I am reading everywhere that this video reminds people of the drama W(which I believe is anime or manga as well). I haven’t watched W yet but I know enough to agree with some people who say both drama / video are similar. Not saying one copied the other, just very similar. Essentially what happens is at the start of the video, the girl confesses to a guy with her drawings but is rejected (quite harshly, may I add). She then goes around being alone. Astro is part of her drawings and follows her around. Not sure if she sees them, but they are a part of her imagination. Towards the end, when all the members are gathering around her, Eunwoo remains behind and sheds a tear. He probably realises that he is just a fragment of her imagination or an image on several pages, and that means he will never be with her. I enjoyed watching the video. The way it was shot looked really cool. The close up shots looked as if they were introducing characters in a TV show or anime as well.

The dance by the group was quite cool. This time around, the group still went with that playful vibe and added a cool vibe as well. Their movements are a lot more precise and in sync with each other.

Rating – 8/10

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