[Review] Miro – Romeo

[This review was written and scheduled a few months back in preparation for my absence in December. For any reviews for end of November and December comebacks will be posted next year. This also includes any end of year related posts.]

Romeo returned this year in June with their 3rd mini album. Both their mini-album and title track were titled as Miro. Romeo is a boy group that has been in the industry for nearly 2 years now. I did review them once before, at the end of the 2015 year, for their Target comeback.

Miro is probably my favourite song from Romeo thus far. It is honestly quite good. When I first listened to the song, I felt like it was very typical. It just didn’t seem to stand out. But I returned to the song a few weeks later and started falling for it. It was really catchy and an addictive track to listen to. The chorus, by far, was the best part of the song. The start of the song sounded weak and wasn’t up to par with the rest of the song. But when the song starts to build up, it was when the catchiness of the song started to kick in. And not once did the song stop to take a breather. It was fast paced and the tempo kept constant, which made the track work pretty well. The instrumental itself packed a punch on its own. My only issue with the track was with the vocals. But rather it wasn’t ‘what’s wrong with the vocals?’ but rather, ‘what’s missing?’. They were okay. It would have been nice to have a member belt out the chorus, particularly the end. It would have pushed the song to another level.

The music video stars Minho from SHINee, which did catch me off guard. Didn’t expect this appearance. But I think it did attract some attention, which is good thinking on the company’s part there. While I did like the choreography parts of the video, the rest seemed a little boring. Like they couldn’t get passed a gate, so they went to look for keys. When the keys were found, the gate opened and they were mysteriously transported to a chess board and Minho picks up the queen. I read somewhere that the video adopted an Alice in Wonderland. Minus the actual sets, I don’t really see an Alice in Wonderland concept. Overall, I guess it was an okay video.

The dance was pretty good. Also read somewhere that they were inspired by Maze Runner. Hmmm.. Alice in Wonderland and Maze Runner. Such an odd combination. Love how fast paced and fitting the dance is for the song. Their moves also look quite cool. They also sound amazing live.

Rating – 8/10

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