[Review] Limitless – NCT127

NCT127 have been busy sweeping the awards ceremonies for the new artist of the year awards. But they have also been busy with their recent release, Limitless. The group made their long awaited comeback with their second mini album on the 5th of January of this year. They previously made their debut with Fire Truck last year and is the first subunit of NCT to officially make their comeback.

While I was not a big fan of their debut track, Limitless is only mildly better than the other. Maybe it is because NCT 127 does not appeal to my taste in music or they just haven’t released a song that I think suits them. What I did like about this song is that is showed off their vocals and rap a lot more, with minimal processing and autotune. The one thing that I did not like was that croaking sound that formed part of the rap. Compare Mark’s short rapping with Taeyeong’s rapping in the song for example. Mark’s has a very clean drag at the end of each line (second verse), while Taeyeong’s consisted of that really annoying croaking sound at the end of each line. The vocals were much better, with no criticisms there. You can already tell who I am going to say did a better job. To me, the song wasn’t memorable or catchy. There were not enough hooks in the song to get me to go back. The instrumental sounded refreshing but at the same time, it was quite ordinary and really doesn’t stand out. While the song is titled at Limitless, I thought it was limited in quite a few departments and that truly left me disappointed.

Two videos were released side by side for Limitless. One of them is labelled the Performance Version, which I won’t be looking into that much here. The other version is titled as the Rough Version. The majority of the video was shot with an old camera (or a modern camera slapped with that grainy filter that we should all remember from the 90s). The only reason why I think they opted for the graininess is for artsy purposes.The rest of the video was shot with you everyday modern camera, which provided a better quality.  Let’s just say I much prefer the HD shots, rather than that home video look. Besides that, the video was boring to watch. There wasn’t much else going in the video. The guys don’t do much besides stand around and act mysterious while staring at the camera. There were a few choreography shots, but nothing worth commenting on here.

The dance was rather disappointing. There wasn’t anything impressive. Fire Truck had a good dance because it was fitting for the song. But the dance we have here was mediocre at best. Their performance video was pretty good, though, better than their Rough version, in terms of quality.

Rating – 4.5/10

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