[Review] Me & You – Jung Joon Young ft. Jang Hye Jin

Jung Joon Young has made his comeback with his first album, The First Person. The title track, Me & You, features Jang Hye Jin, who is a famous South Korean singer who debuted back in 1991. This is Jung Joon Young’s first comeback since a scandal involving the singer became headlines in the KPOP industry. This is also my first review for the soloist.

Jung Joon Young delves mostly into rock music. From time to time, he does sing ballads, however, the ballad is always infused with the rock music he is known for. This song is strictly ballad (for the most part). His husky vocals are in the spotlight, with it being emphasised using the very soft instrumental. Jang Hye Jin’s vocals suit the song quite well. When the two join forces and sing together, you can barely tell a difference of age. The vocals go hand in hand. It isn’t until the end that the song starts to pick up, where it is launched unexpectedly into a soft rock ballad. Yeah, you don’t really think that the song will go in that direction, but it does. And it works. It makes the song quite memorable, giving it the “cherry on top” as some people might put it (well for me at least). I have pointed out how slow some ballads can be.While this can easily be inserted to the “very slow” ballad category, I like it a lot. It helps lighten Jung’s vocals and make the song sound very emotional and meaningful at the same time.

Like the song, the music video is very slow-paced. From what I could tell in the video, the couple shared happy memories but their relationship deteriorated over time. While the song moves from just ballad to a rock ballad sound, the couple breaks up and you see scenes of the now former couple coming to grip with their break up throughout the video. Putting it into words make the video seem boring. I know it suits the lyrics and there is no other way to present a ballad in video format normally, but they do become a little repetitive and cliché over time. The video doesn’t really keep my interested. I have played it a few times, but have gone off to do something else rather sit and watch it. That is its only flaw, to be honest.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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