[Review] 1.2.3 – B.I.G

B.I.G has returned with a brand new single. Last time we saw them they were promoting Aphrodite, which had a much darker concept than their latest release. If you remember clearly, B.I.G is actually a five member group, but you may have noticed that only four members participated this time around. That is because Minpyo is taking a break due to health reasons. Hopefully we will see him return soon.

1.2.3 is a pretty good song. While it is different compared to their past releases, as it goes for a more disco pop sound than hip-hop (which they have done in the past), the song really does suit them. I really like their vocals in this song. While they have shown us their powerful vocals in the past, this time around they show it off on a different level. I like the differences between the verses and chorus. The verses is a little light on the bass and the instrumental isn’t as heavy. But when the chorus comes to play, they through the bass and make the instrumental feel a lot heavier. Knowing me, I probably described as an dysfunctional transition. But instead, it works really well. The chorus is extremely catchy and addictive to listen to. I love the way Benji drags out the words at the end of each chorus. It adds an interesting element to the song. Also really enjoyed his ad-libs, but as I said before, I really like vocals of all the members. Even the rapping was great. They toned that part down but it allows the rapper (Heedo) to shine with his deep voice. If you are looking a new group to get into, check these guys out. Some of their past releases have also been my favourites as well!!

The music video was quite disappointing. I don’t think it lived up to the standard that the music had set. The guys discover a girl on TV and is basically amazed by her beauty. And then they start following her around, which was where the video become confusing. I feel like the video is there to provide some comedy in some scenes (such as Benji’s high note) but then the rest of the video felt like a normal music video with nothing much happening.

The choreography was great. It adds to that more vibrant concept the guys went for and they did a pretty good job. Their costumes does make them look like they were stuck in time but besides that, their dancing was great, like their song. But sadly, no memorable moves.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 3/10 
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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