[Review] Knock Knock – Twice

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Twice has returned with the release of Twicecoaster: Lane 2 and the title track Knock Knock. The group previously made their comeback in October last year with TTTwicecoaster: Lane 2 is actually a reissue of the mini album released in October, with 2 new tracks. Since TT promotions ended, the group has also performed in a few concerts and swept the end of year awards ceremonies with Cheer Up as the Best Song Of The Year.

Knock Knock is your generic pop song with guitar riffs and a nice retro sound. Out of all their title tracks, this song feels the most vibrant and colourful. And that is something you would associate with Twice, given their personalities (seen through shows and videos) and past hits.We were given a small snippet to this song at the end of the TT music video. The same part was present at the end of the video was present at the start of the song. While I loved the way it sounded, the song took an unexpected turn and ended up being vibrant and colourful. Is that a necessarily a bad thing? No, but I would have loved to hear something a little different from Twice. Moving along, like all their previous songs Twice has used the catchphrase of the song to be the way to sell the song across to the listener. It was successful as “Knock Knock Knock on my door” seemed to be the catchiest part of the song and it was constantly replayed throughout it. I actually like their vocals because they are all clear. None of the member’s voices seemed to be hidden behind autotune in this song. From the raps to the singing vocals, each member did a really good job with no hitches. But then we run into another problem. While I have described a pretty good song so far, a part of me felt the song was too generic. There really wasn’t anything that amazing or necessarily captivating about the song. It just felt overdone and dull. But then again, I said similar things regarding Cheer Up and that song grew so much on me. So I guess only time will tell.

The video was quite generic but not to that extent like what I felt with the song. This video has its up and downs. Some parts felt dull and boring while other parts were funny and actually managed to get a joyful response out of me. The tie in with TT was pretty nice but it didn’t seem amazing. It didn’t blow my mind and I wanted something to blow my mind. Instead, they got locked out of their house and the book somehow changed them (or cursed them) into the characters of TT. Yeah… not really a blockbuster storyline hey! But I loved the humour the girls have. The scenes where the girls are coming down the lines. I recently (today actually) saw a picture that compares some of the moves they pull off while coming down the stairs are actually moves they pulled off in Like Ooh Aah. Likewise, if I was to choose a spirit animal from one of the girls coming down the stairs, it would have to Jungyeon. And if Park Ji Young came over to my house for a sleepover, I would have had the same reaction (I laughed at this part. They looked so disappointed when they saw him). Come over anytime, just not when there is a sleep over or I am preparing to snore in bed.

As expected from the title, there is a lot of knocking in this dance. Nothing that impressive, though the very start of the performance when Nayeon starts singing looked cool. The penguin dance intro looked really cool and cute as well.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

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