[Review] How Can I Say – DAY6

DAY6 had been going at 2017 with monthly releases. Now that March is here, it means that DAY6 has a brand new song out for all of us to hear. How Can I Say follows the success that I Wait (January’s release) and You Were Beautiful (February’s release) have created and passed on.

I like the song a lot. It gave the group a chance to return to their rock side, which you could also hear in I Wait (the group’s January release). Actually no, it gave us a little something more than what we got in I Wait. The instrumental here is a lot more impactful, compared to their last two monthly releases. It also gives me an excuse to headbang along to the song. The sound and genre itself isn’t something that is attempted regularly enough in KPOP and it has been a while since something along the lines of this has been released (the main KPOP bands have not been around lately). Hence, there is a somewhat fresh vibe, which is something that the group continually delivers with their releases. The vocals are quite smooth and they sound very nice. Sadly, the track isn’t as memorable as you would have expected. While the headbanging does a lot, listening to the song made me come to realise that something was missing from the track. Even if the track isn’t your cup of tea, it is another track that DAY6 can use to prove their versatility and expanding music domain.

The music video accompanying the release of How Can I Say is pretty good. There is a reason why I don’t see the video as fantastic or as excellent, but let’s start off with what I like in regards to the video. I did like the visual effects that were used. They made the transitions between different scenes look quite nice and more appealing. I liked it when we hit the chorus, the video became a little more chaotic with its imagery and visual effects, which definitely suits the song at that point. The only problem is the simplicity of the video. While a nice simple video can go a long way, I am starting to be somewhat concerned for DAY6’s videos. Sure, the director and producer may have thought the simplicity of the video would have been a more artistic approach. But a part of me feels like it was done due to a lack of ideas. Who knows, I might be wrong. But since they are coming back each month, their music video budgets won’t really be incredible. And there is only so much one can do with a limited amount of money. I personally hope that the videos don’t become too repetitive and similar to the rest because that could become the downfall of this monthly release plan.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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