[Review] Through The Night – IU

My apologies for this somewhat late review. I totally forgot about IU’s pre-release for her soon-to-be-released album. I honestly didn’t remember until I was trying to schedule some reviews in and realised that IU’s song was missing from the list. Moving along, IU will be making her first comeback since 2015, when she released Twenty Three and her 7th mini album. She has been relatively quiet in the past year, with her primary focus on acting. Her 4th album is scheduled to be released on the 21st of April, and she is gearing up for another pre-release in early April (both I will not forget).

As mentioned previously, IU has been absent from the KPOP scene for two years. And usually, artists who stay away for an extended period of time become a distant memory. But despite all of that, IU has managed to topped charts and score perfect all kills with Through The Night. And I can see why. Through The Night is a ballad that sounds perfect with IU’s trademark husky vocals. The instrumental delves into acoustic, but it also sounds like there is a folk tone in the way the guitar is strummed. There isn’t much to it, but it sounds quite nice. It also sounds hollow to an extent. But a ‘hollow’ song doesn’t sound like a beautiful description of a song. To me, the ‘hollow’ nature of the instrumental compliments her vocals. To the point where the vocals seem to fill that missing core of the song. I can see the instrumental alone being incredibly boring. Her vocals are definitely the highlight of the song. The harmonies that she has with the background vocals make her sound like an angel. Currently, I am in Autumn, and this is the perfect song to be listening to. You can sit outside on a cloudy day, have this song playing and watch the leaves fall to the ground.

In connection with the final comments in the last paragraph, the video seems to play with that Autumn feel. The video uses colours that we tend of associate with the season of falling leaves. Maybe it is me trying to relate the video to myself (I say this because Korea is currently in Spring) but it does come off that way. The focus of the video is on her, and I am in love with that. She is a beautiful person and the video highlights that, despite the video being shot with a candle or dimmed lights. It is as if she is glowing. One thing I do with these reviews is that I keep on switching between watching the video and writing the reviews. While switching, I managed to see something quite nice. The ball of yarn that rolled down the stairs managed to be time with the beat of the song. While this may not be as spectacular for some of you, to me, it goes to show how nicely (with, of course, everything else in the video) the video was shot. The cinematography is fantastic and extremely fitting with the sound of the song. If you want to relax or calm down (for whatever reason), try watching the beautiful song and the equally as beautiful music video.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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