[Review] Coloring Book – Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl reaches new heights with their latest comeback. They have returned with their latest and 5th mini album, titled as Coloring Book. Their title track shares the same title as well. Oh My Girl became a group to look out for back in 2015, when they released Closer. 2016 confirmed their presence on my radar with the releases of Windy Day and Aing~.

And it seems like Coloring Book is another track to add to that list. It is a really good song. The track literally launches right into the energised and upbeat track. There is no holding back. They don’t give us a break at all, but instead they push ahead with it. The song falls into the same category as any of their past songs. Bright, funky and addictive to listen to. What makes the song a little awkward is the chorus. I am not sure if it is awkwardly placed but it seems to be a little premature. But besides that, I genuinely liked the chorus. It’s the more of the progression into the chorus and how they do it that throws me off. Maybe I am just not used to the style as it is different from their past songs and more traditionally structured songs. It’s just a minor detail that honestly didn’t affect my listening experience. Literally, the second listen in and I was bouncing along in my chair.  Maybe I should have left that ‘bouncing’ detail out. Anyway, like yesterday how I mentioned about Red Velvet’s song making you smile, this does the exact same thing. The vocals sound really good in this song. I have enjoyed their past vocal works, but here, they sound like they have worked on perfecting their vocals. Overall, it is a catchy song that, to me, is a worthwhile listening to. Just give it a few tries before you make up your mind!!!

From the title of the song, I assumed that they would start off with a blank canvas. And that is what we saw in the video. Just the blank canvas was a floating house in the sky. And while they attempt to make a cake (a rainbow cake, as shown at the end of the video), they end up colouring or splashing themselves with paint. I honestly want to know how many dresses were stained in the making of this video. They proceed to leave the house and paint more of the world by adding more colour. How they went outside, though, was with a physically impossible bridge. Watching it the first time, my geekiness came through and I just randomly thought “That bridge could not hold according to physics. It wasn’t even complete“. Thinking about the video, it’s the type of video that I would find boring. There really isn’t much in the video to talk about. However, for some unknown reason, I keep on coming back. Maybe Oh My Girl is rising in the list of groups that I stan. Or that the video pops with the rainbow colours that they use. I don’t know, but I am rewatching the video for the fifth time today, which is something that I don’t often do for that type of video.

Something I didn’t mention in the song part of the review, but it is a very intense track. And likewise, the choreography is just as intense. As I always say, it’s fitting for the music and it maintains that cute image that the girls have, without going overboard.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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