[Review] I’m Serious – DAY6

The 6th of April just passed a few days ago, so guess what that means? DAY6 has returned with a brand new track. The 6th came unexpectedly fast. Maybe it was because I was occupied with my endless amount of assignments, but I just remember How Can I Say being released just yesterday! But who cares! The most important thing is that if you wanted more DAY6, you get more DAY6!

If this song proves anything, it shows everyone how versatile and flexible DAY6 is with their style and sound. While their past songs have been more rock influenced or ballad-like, I’m Serious sounds more upbeat and bright. There is a warm tone, which makes it suitable for the warmer months (which Korea and the Northern hemisphere are approaching). Though I do miss the more powerful sounds, the song is quite nice to listen to. The song also focuses more on the vocals, leaving out any possible rap sequences. All the member sings, even the rapper (Young K) taking the bulk of the chorus, which also shows the versatility of the members. The song itself is quite catchy. You catch yourself nodding along to the song, especially the chorus. But by then, you just nod your way through the rest of the song (with a smile on your face, of course) because you already started. The post-chorus is quite addictive and adds a little more colour to the song. I wouldn’t mind listening to just the instrumental of the song, as well. It sounds quite nice, with the softer and (at times) acoustic music.

The music video just shows the guys having a road trip, down by the beach and singing along to the song. There really isn’t much to say about the video. The idea of it is suitable for the song and it makes sense to go in that direction. The colour palette seemed to be dull, but it probably made things look a lot better than what it really was (the day looked cloudy and not that sunny, like in Summer).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10 


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