[Review] Back:Hug – Snuper

Time to add another already-debuted group to the site! Snuper is officially back with their first comeback for 2017, with the title track Back:Hug and the mini-album, I Wanna?. The six-member boy group (currently under Widmay Entertainment and debuted in 2015) landed on my radar after the release of It’s Raining. Other songs from the group’s past discography also include You=Heaven, Platonic Love and Shall We Dance.

After their groovy track, It’s Raining, I expected a track equally as groovy and catchy. Back:Hug attempts to get there, but it just doesn’t feel right. The instrumental is EDM based, more precisely the tropical house style of music. It was good, but it felt flat, with no parts attempting to flare up and stand out in the song. The same could be said with their vocals. Some parts sounded good, other parts felt very dull and disconnected to the rest of the song. Honestly, the two seemed like two separate layers coming together, with little attempts at making them match or blend with each other.  The raps were pretty good. I could tell that they tried to follow the same structure as It’s Raining though, which is pretty smart. However, all of what I have said so far could be thrown out of the window. A similar structure could simply be the selling point for me. I can see this track growing on me, mainly because it reminds me of their previous track. However, for now, the song overall falls short of reaching the goal of topping It’s Raining for me.

There isn’t much going in the video for Back:Hug. The video consists of many close up shots, which are all shot in different areas and choreography scenes, which how most videos go nowadays. There really isn’t much appeal from the video, which does disappoint me. The camera work was interesting, which the camera shots angled abstractly, which made it look trendy. There is an aspect of the video which I didn’t really understand. But some parts were slowed down for just a few seconds, which really made the video feel dragged out. All of that being said though, I don’t mind the video. I don’t find it overly boring, which is a big plus, given what the video compromises and how it doesn’t really stand out in the crowd.

Those few seconds of slowing down made the video feel dragged out, but they also slowed the choreography down. So I tried to watch a live performance of it, and I think I can say that for the majority of the choreography, the dance feels just right. However, the verses felt a tad slower than the tempo of the music, which stood out. Their dance break was quite good. Short, but cool to watch.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6/10

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