[Review] Wonderful Love – Momoland 

Momoland has returned with their first comeback and Wonderful Love. The group debuted with Jjan! Koong! Kwang! at the end of 2016 and the song has since grown on me. The group has added two new members, Daisy and Kim Taeha, bringing the total members of the group to 9.

Wonderful Love packs a punch. The song a very grand feel, which follows on nicely from their catchy chorus in their debut song. Like their debut song, this one has me singing along. It’s really catchy and within a few listens, it has me coming back. I love the instrumental, with the grand orchestra feel that I am always a sucker for. The cutesy sound doesn’t feel like it is over-the-top. Instead, it feels lesser than what we heard before. I love the dynamic chorus. While the song does fall in the cutesy category, the chorus gives the song have a much grander feel and it is quite dominating. It’s another song that makes me smile, especially the lyrics of support. Overall, the song is made to grab your attention and that is something that the song definitely does. It is definitely a strong song, one that is unexpected from the pool of cutesy songs that I am used to. And it is one song that is worth listening to.

The music video is okay to watch. There isn’t much to talk about the video at the start but once we get to the end of the video and song, the epic feels of the song are channelled nicely in the video. The video largely consists of choreography shots and close ups. However, the video does mix in scenes where the girls hang out and have fun around the theme park, which the video is shot in. What makes it epic (for me, at least) was the final choreography shot which brought in many backup dancers to join in. It made the video look pretty cool. I know, probably doesn’t look that epic. But with the music, it came off as cool and epic to me.

Now, the part of the review that I was wanting to write. It is ‘dab-central’ with this dance routine. Quite unexpected and quite ridiculous. But it is extremely fitting for the song and I love it. It may be an odd combination but I continually find myself going back to the performances, which means they have done something right.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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