[Review] Hole In One – VARSITY

VARSITY is a 12-member boy group currently under CSO Entertainment. They previously made their debut at the start of the year with U R My Only One, which I ended not reviewing due to time commitments. However, they did appear on my Weekly KPOP Charts, peaking at 19th position. This is the group’s first comeback since their debut.

Hole In One is a complete change, compared to their debut single. U R My Only One was a much darker song, which sounded more dramatic and tough. However, their new single is bright and vibrant. While I do prefer the darker and stronger sound from boy groups, there have been many instances where boy groups have put out iconic bright songs that everyone loves. In this case, however, I am torn when it comes to the song. This song falls in the “not bad” category, where most of those cute songs end up.  Their vocal work is pretty good but their raps are the standout in the song. I was blown away from the raps. There were some parts of the song that had a nice chill vibe going through, such as the post-chorus section. While it did manage to appear on my radar in the past week, the song isn’t catchy enough to remain on my radar for much longer. For the most part, it felt flavourless and didn’t have much of a hook. The instrumental also could have been a little more vibrant or at least faster. The song felt sluggish and slow for the most part, which didn’t present well when I first listened to it.

The video is okay, more typical than anything else. The guys essentially find a cute girl and end up following her to the golf course, where she eventually teaches one of them golf. Though it drew on the song title, it was a sad attempt of incorporating golf into the story line. I am also suprised that she wasn’t creeped out by 12 guys following her around. Anyway, I didn’t mind the choreography scenes in the video. I thought they looked quite good. As for those random scenes where some girls were just dancing along to the music, I honestly do not get why those scenes were included in the music video. It didn’t really fit with the rest of the video.

As for the dance, it was good for the slow tempo that the song had. It, too, matched the song’s bright and vibrant energy, which shows another side of the group to the audience.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10 
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6/10

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