[Review] Now, Us – Lovelyz

Lovelyz has returned with their repackaged album of their second album, R U Ready?. They previously made their comeback with WoW! in February and this week released the repackaged album, along with the title track Now, Us.

Now, Us throws you back to their more earlier works. It feels distinctively familiar and distinctively Lovelyz. While I do want to hear a different sound from the group, such as WoW! (which kept that distinct Lovelyz sound but also added a different flavour), this track works nicely as well. The chorus itself is quite catchy and the track, after a few listens becomes quite addictive. Their vocal work is quite good here, especially how the entire track is sung at a higher pitch. It adds a little something different to the track, making it unique to their past tracks that I am fondly reminded of. The problem with this track is that it ends abruptly. While I have made exceptions in the past, the ending for this song felt very premature and it left me wondering if there is more or not. Maybe that is their tactic to make us go back to the song. But it just ruins the flow of the song, which does leave me a little disappointed when I hear the next song on the playlist.

Lovelyz also returned with the style of muisc video that I commonly associate with Lovelyz. Despite this, the video stands alone and suits the music perfectly. Once again, the individual scenes make no sense. However, I am absolutely certain they all add up to some sort of meaning. My guess is that they are nervous when meeting their crush. Nonetheless, it does make the video interesting to watch (mainly because I am trying to make sense of everything). I love how the rooms are quite pale, but some details make the girls stand out, such as they bold blue socks and yellow heels combination. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the video.

[UPDATED] I think the performances can be cut into two parts. The first would be the more graceful side to match the tempo of the song during the verses, while the chorus showed a more energetic side to the choreography. Overall, I thought the entire performance had a Lovelyz feel, regardless if you find yourself tuning in any of the two parts. The chorus choreography was cute to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10 [UPDATED]
Overall Rating – 8/10 [UPDATED]

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